L.A. Weekly Reviews Wiltern Show

LA Weekly.com has today posted a great review of Doves’ recent show at the city’s Wiltern Theatre.

L.A. Weekly.com

Doves, on stage and record, are all about consistency: set (and career) standouts are subtle and troughs shallow. They marry baggy Madchester roots to U2’s sense of scale and cop strummy Brit-pop attitude while bristling with “Bristol sound” (Portishead/Tricky) electro/organic textures. Their all-eyes-off-us, bloke-down-the-pub lack of pretense last night only left their music more vivid. There was appreciative between-song bonhomie and de rigueur big screen projections, but essentially this was four musicians playing tunes.

To read the full review, click here. The site also features a slideshow of photos from the concert, here.

The Wiltern Theatre, L.A.

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