The Remixes/Alternate Versions

A list of official & unofficial doves remixes/alternate versions that have been released.

Almost Forgot Myself

Almost Forgot Myself (Doves vs. 69Corp)

Birds Flew Backwards

Birds Flew Backwards (Acoustic Version)

Birds Flew Backwards (Chris Watson Remix)

Black And White Town

Black And White Town (David Holmes Remix)

Break Me Gently

Break Me Gently (Incidental)
Break Me Gently (Hybrid Mix)

Catch The Sun

Catch The Sun (Single Edit)

Caught By The River

Caught By The River (Edit)


Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Compulsion (Headman Remix)
Compulsion (Headman Dub)
Compulsion (Padded Cell Remix)


Firesuite (Noise Version)
Essex Doves (David Essex vs. Doves (Go Home Productions) Unofficial


Jetstream (Acoustic version)
Jetstream (Sasha Remix)
Jetstream (Sasha Subdub)
Jetstream (Sasha Subsubdubdub) Extended
Jetstream (Lindstrom Remix)
Jetstream (The Time And Space Machine Remix)

Kingdom Of Rust (Song)

Kingdom Of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Kingdom Of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Instrumental)
Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going Remix)
Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going Remix Instrumental)
Kingdom Of Rust (Acoustic Version)
Kingdom Of Rust (Radio Edit)

M62 Song

M62 Song (Four Tet Remix)


N.Y. (Chris Coco Remix)


Pounding (Single Edit)

Push Me On

Push Me On (Glimmers Remix)
Push Me On (Playgroup Megamix)
Push Me On (Playgroup Megadub)


Satellites (Soulsavers Remix)

Some Cities (Album)


Some Cities (Song)

Some Cities (Echoboy Remix)
Some Cities (Love Will Never Sever Mix By Echoboy)

There Goes The Fear

There Goes The Fear (Acoustic)
There Goes The Fear (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)

The Cedar Room

The Cedar Room (Single Edit)
The Cedar Room (Demo)

The Last Broadcast (Album)


The Last Broadcast (Song)

The Last Broadcast (Magnet Remix)

The Man Who Told Everything

The Man Who Told Everything (Summer Version)
The Man Who Told Everything (Version 2)

The Storm

The Storm (Rebelski Remix)

The Sulphur Man

The Sulphur Man (Rebelski Remix)

Where We’re Calling From

Where We’re Calling From (Hebden Bridge Remix)

Winter Hill

Winter Hill (Acoustic Version)


Words (Echoboy Remix)