Doves FAQ

Where does the band name Doves come from?

Jimi insists that their name is “an expression of freedom and escape” – Taken from an interview the band did with the Guardian in 2005. You can read the full interview here.

Where can I buy/download Blue Moon the song played over the PA before Manchester City home games?

As with the previous song doves recorded for City (“Live For City” – A different take on Words) Blue Moon is not available to purchase or download anywhere. The only way to hear it is to go to a Man City match.

What is The Cedar Room about?

Duke University Interview with Andy:

It’s actually about-it’s quite weird-I wrote the verse lyrics and Jimi [Goodwin, bassist/vocalist] wrote the chorus lyrics. The cedar room was actually a room in a haunted house from when we were kids. The name just got stuck in my head. It’s a very love kind of vibe.

Where was the Cedar Room Video shot?

The footage of Andy & Jez on the beach, was taken at Harlech beach in North Wales around New Years Eve 1996.

Sea Song, What is the lady is saying in the background while Jimi is singing?

I used to talk to you all the time

Sometimes your voice would wake me up in the middle of the night

but you weren’t there in the room

The quote comes from the 1984 Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas. The rest of what is said can be found here.

Can we help you get in touch with the band or their management?

No, Sorry. If you must contact the band or their management, please do so through official channels. The email address for this blog, is not read by the band or their management. Thank You.

Does Analog Bass & Blues Tune exist?

Yes. These tracks were recorded during the Lost Souls sessions. Here is the tracklisting of the demo CD the band used to attract a label.

Break Me Gently
Lost Souls
Sea Track
Blues Tune
Analog Bass
Here It Comes
The Man Who Told Everything
Catch The sun (Steve Lamacq Session version)
Seven Day Smile (With Jane Weaver)
The Cedar Room

How do I access the Sub Sub documentary on the Where We’re Calling From DVD?

This can be accessed from playing Spaceface on the Eden concert footage section of the DVD. Once the song starts, you will see the Spaceface title bottom left of your screen. Hit enter, this will take you straight to the documentary.

What is the video footage that is on the big screen, behind the band when they play Here It Comes?

The footage comes from a 1977 documentary Northern Soul: This England about the famous Wigan Casino. You can see the footage here.

What is the instrumental song doves play at the end of the show?

That would be Spaceface. The debut track from Doves previous incarnation, Sub Sub. It was played allot around 2001-2003. Its now played every so often, usually in Manchester or shows where the crowd have been mega.

What was the indie twee group Jez was involved with in the 80s?

That would be Metro Trinity. Andy was also in the group just before they split. They released one EP Die Young – For more info click here.

What is Eleven Miles Out About?

Taken from the Guardian March 2009 Link

Goodwin grew up in Cheshire and started birdwatching as a seven-year-old. Then, more unusual avian experience entered the frame. Miles Baddeley, a friend of his dad, had run a vintage boutique in Manchester – Seven Miles Out, as celebrated by the Doves B-side 11 Miles Out.

Who is the girl on the front cover of the Cedar Room single?

She was the sleeve designer’s girlfriend at the time. The shot was taken inside Manchester Town Hall.

The picture of the girl on the casino cedar ep sleeve is the last frame of Polanski’s Repulsion