Artwork  by Joe Hollick

Odludek released March 24th 2014 is Jimi Goodwin’s debut record. Odludek is Polish for recluse

Track by Track Guide with help from Under the Radar & Q Muisc

Terracotta Warrior
First written by Jimi in 2009 for possible inclusion on Doves Best of album. The first track finished on the record.
Jimi says about the track “The verses are like a love poem to the music, in this case, music: my love and passion, an elemental force.”

Didsbury Girl
First demoed in 2004. The version on Odludek was in collaboration with producer and writer Simon Dine.

Live Like a River
First developed as an instrumental. Inspired by a a letter Ted Hughes wrote to his son. Near the end he mentions a quote he attributes to the Buddha, “Live like a mighty river. And as the old Greeks said: live as though all your ancestors were living again through you.”

The lyrics were co-written with Guy Garvey, the first collaboration between the two.

Man V Dingo
Jimi’s take on the riots that engulfed England in the summer of 2011. “An absurdist poem for an absurd world.” Contains a sample from “Bird of Prey” written by Brian Fahey as performed by Mandingo.

Keep My Soul In Song
The backing track is pretty much a straight-up sample of the left-hand speaker of a track called “Monkey Demon” by Orpheus written by Steve Martin.

Oh! Whiskey
A country blues song about Whiskey, the lyrics says at all.

The Ghost of the Empties
Inspired by real and imagined walks through Ancoats Manchester where Jimi’s family is from.

Lonely at the Drop
Inspiration came from the French jazz musician Henri Texier track L’elephant. Its perhaps a poke at religion.
Jimi wrote: “Possibly the only time I’ve ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a lyric and idea and actually been able to see through the sleep fugue and had the clarity and uncharacteristically non-lazy notion to write it all down.”

Panic Tree
Co-written with Guy Garvey. Inspired by the gospel song “Lift Him Up, That’s All” by Washington Phillips. Written about their fathers.


Oh! Whiskey, released as a digital download February 3rd 2014


Chart History

Reached #39 on the UK top 40 album chart with 3,631 sales in the first week

Second week at #98 on the UK album chart

Entered the UK indie charts at #5 in the first week. Then followed up second week with a #19 placing.

Official Record Store Albums Top 40 placing #8 first week, #14 second week.

Independent Albums Top 40 placing # 14 in the first week, #19 second week.







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