Statements from the band and Jimi

Statements from the band and Jimi.

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W. H. Lung

Highly recommended listening..

Martin Rebelski Interview

Martin Rebelski needs no introduction. The longtime keyboardist has been playing live with Doves since 1999. He has also played on the studio tracks from Here It Comes right up to last year’s The Universal Want. Martin has been very prolific of late with several EPs and stand alone tracks released this year. Martin kindly agreed to answer questions from Doves fans about his music past & present and of course his time playing live with Doves.

Click here to read the full interview.

OTD 19 years ago…

Corn Exchange 2002
Corn Exchange 2002

19 years ago to the day, taken from my note book where I wrote down post gig thoughts…

Peter Kay introduced Doves to the stage at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange saying “You do know you’re all missing out on tonight’s episode of Phoenix Nights” to which the crowd responded with massive cheer! Massive gig, crowd were well up for it. Heard the band soundcheck The Sulphur Man which they performed live that night for maybe first time?

Good memories! Roll on the tour next year!! 🙏

Rebelski: Landscapes

Old Man listens to The Universal Want

Old Man aka VinylJunkies listened to The Universal Want with Andy Williams.

White Flowers Day By Day

I was finally able to pick up a copy of the White Flowers album Day By Day. The album was of course produced in part by Jez. A lazy comparison perhaps, but if you like Cocteau Twins you’ll love this record. Well worth checking out..

White Flowers Bandcamp

For The Love of Doves

A cool account of the later days of Sub Sub and early Doves by Dave Cronen who also talks about how Doves almost got signed up by the legendary label Grand Royal.

In tribute to Doves celebrating their third UK number one album, this blog evidences the background to my minuscule involvement with them in the 1990s and how they became to be one of my favourite bands. 

Read the full article here.

Broken Eyes Video by Colin Read

Colin Read employs technical ingenuity to chronicle a man’s descent to the brink of madness for Doves.

In the Broken Eyes video it’s the same room, the same camera move (more or less) being replayed again and again. Each time a fraught domestic situation gets worse. It’s a lockdown nightmare, basically.

But can this selfish, self-destructive individual pull himself together before it’s too late? 

Read the full promo news article here.

Corbu & Jimi Video

Well worth a watch! Jimi talking to his friends Corbu about how he reworked their latest single Lost & Found. Corbu are fans of Doves, so lots of Doves discussion naturally. Jimi also talks about what he’s currently up to away from Doves and possible Doves tour dates in the US.


Doves Lost Souls Interview

Andy Williams Cedar EP Interview


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