Doves: How We Made The Last Broadcast.

On Sunday July 26th, Doves took part in their second #TimsTwitterListeningParty this time for The Last Broadcast. The event was part of a weekend of events put on by Bluedot festival, the weekend the festival should have taken place at Jodrell Bank.

You can replay the listening party here in real time. Doves have kindly expanded upon some of their tweets to give us the definitive lowdown on how they made The Last Broadcast almost 20 years ago.

Click here to read the full story.

Radio:3 2000 Complete Live Set

An absolute gem of a video taken from a performance Doves did for a Spanish TV show called Radio:3. I’d hazard a guess it was recorded around August of 2000. Enjoy!

The Universal Want Japanese Edition

For all you completists out there, your Doves collection isn’t complete without the Japanese edition of the new album, complete with the OBI strip!

You can pre-order your copy of the Japanese edition of The Universal Want at cdjapan here. The bonus tracks are the Remnants EP tracks There Goes The Fear (Live Acoustic) & the Four Tet remix of M62 Song.

Thanks to Jimmy for the heads up!

Extra, Extra!

Unsurprisingly, Doves added second nights in London & Glasgow. There won’t be an extra show in Manchester due the venue being unavailable.

Tickets for the entire run can be bought at

UK Tour 2021

Tickets for Doves 2021 UK tour are on sale now.

Get your tickets now at

The Universal Want Tour 2021

Doves have announced their first tour dates for 2021 as part of The Universal Want tour. You can get access to the pre-sale by pre-ordering a copy of The Universal Want from the official Doves store here. You must order before 4PM BST Tuesday July 28th to be eligible for pre-sale access. Anyone who has already pre-ordered from our store is eligible. Pre-sale starts from 10AM Wednesday and ends Friday. With the general sale commencing at 10AM Friday.

Andy on Radio X

The week Radio X week has Prisoners as their record of the week, Andy spoke to George Godfrey this evening. You can listen back to the interview here. Starts 1 hour 13 minutes in.

Prisoners Guitar Tab

The Prisoners guitar tab has now been added to the site thanks to Nick Yates. Many of you may be familiar with Nick’s tabs on the site, as he has done every Doves track including Carousels. Feedback is welcome.

Have a bash at Prisoners here.

The Last Broadcast Listening Party

Doves are doing another one of Tim’s listening parties on twitter, this time for The Last Broadcast. The party starts at 3pm BST on Sunday, its part of a Bluedot weekend event that obviously replaces the actual festival (that this writer had tickets for! 🙁 maybe next year..) so this is the next best thing.

Doves took part in a listening party for Lost Souls right at the start of the lock down. If you missed that, you can look back on it here with further details not included in the listening party.

Reddit AMA

ICYMI: Doves did a Reddit AMA (Q&A!) yesterday. You can read back at all the questions and Doves replies here. Lots of discussion about the new album, tracks that didn’t make it on the album that could be released further down the line, tour dates and more.

Read the full AMA.


Pre-order the brand new Doves album The Universal Want

Doves Lost Souls Interview

Andy Williams Cedar EP Interview


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