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Interest in Doves doesn’t appear to have waned one bit! The vinyl reissues announced earlier today appear to be selling well going by the Amazon UK vinyl chart..

The combined CD & Vinyl chart make similar happy viewing, only the latest Now compilation holding the vinyl off top spot!

Sadly lost in the mix today, this beauty of a poster for the newly announced Brighton gig! This poster makes me want to go to the Brighton! Alas I cannot, so get those winter dates announced please…

Vinyl Reissues!

Doves are excited to announce the release of numbered, limited edition, 2LP coloured vinyl packages of their first three albums.

Lost Souls, The Last Broadcast and Some Cities will be released on Friday 31st, all with original artwork, sleeve notes and a download code. You can pre-order yours here: 

Amazon: Lost Souls / The Last Broadcast / Some Cities

Piccadilly Records: Lost Souls / The Last Broadcast / Some Cities

Record Store: Lost Souls / The Last Broadcast / Some Cities

Summer Shows

Doves have added a couple more live shows to their summer schedule. Just announced are:

July 26th Brighton Racecourse. Pre-sale from Friday 10am here

July 28th Birmingham Innercity Live at Perry Park. Pre-sale from Friday 10am here.

Stay tuned for more news from Doves..

Red Room Vinyl

For Doves train spotter fans only.. Here’s a wee hidden gem found thanks to Reform Doves!

An unheard of (by me anyways) live acoustic version of Black & White Town issued as part of a vinyl promo box set by the US retail giant Target. Released in 2005, the live version I believe is taken from this performance in Amsterdam recorded in February of 05.

A neat find! I don’t recall this release being advertised at the time. A cheaper CD version of the release can also be found on discogs for you completists out there.

Do you know of any rarer than rocking horse shit Doves stuff out there? Drop me a line!

Gigwise Review

Gigwise today posted their review of the RAH gig. A lovely review from a website that has always been supporters of Doves.

Check out the review here.

Lost Souls Turns 19 Today!

Flyer for the album launch event at the London Scala.

19 years ago today Lost Souls was finally released. Maybe now we can allow ourselves to dream of a twentieth anniversary box set full of demos, live cuts, videos and whatever they can dig out of the vaults?! A reissue of the vinyl is due out soon at least.

ICYMI: I spoke to Andy & band manager Dave Rofe late last year about the Cedar EP. Plenty of talk about the making of Lost Souls. Links:

Andy Interview / Dave Rofe Interview

Doves live at the Parr Hall, Warrington Mar 2019.

Doves Live Return Round Up

So after all that, Doves are back! Apologies for the lack of updates. Lots of traveling, family time before returning to the states, but in case you missed what happened..

Warrington Setlist

Unsurprisingly, the band played it safe with the setlist, plenty of fans favorites, of course they couldn’t play them all. Darker got a rare live outing, first time since 04 maybe? The Outsiders was also a surprise choice for some. After 9 years away the band sounded well rehearsed to my ears.

Royal Albert Hall setlist

A shorter set at the Royal Albert Hall, due to an 11pm curfew. An even better performance than the night before I thought. Some media reaction…readers beware, those reviews are a bit odd in places!

NME / The Times ****/ The Telegraph ****

Stereogum also celebrates Doves live return, picking their top 10 Doves tunes here. Some interesting choices in there for sure.

Doves next scheduled live performance is on May 26th at Bearded Theory.

Parr Hall Review

Here’s the first review of Doves live return at Warrington Parr Hall last night, includes the setlist.

Expect much more follow up over the coming days! We’re en route to London for the Teenage Cancer Trust gig tonight.

Doves Day!

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. When Doves left the stage at the Warehouse Project in October 2010, they vowed it wouldn’t be the last broadcast!

Almost 9 years later the band are preparing to make their live return at the Parr Hall in Warrington, a warm up for tomorrow’s Teenage Cancer Trust show at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

I will do my best to post something post gig either tonight or most likely en route to London! For those of you not wanting to know the setlist, I will post tonight’s gig info behind a spoiler tag.

Whether you’re going tonight, tomorrow or both!

The Line of Best Fit

Doves talk through their favourite tracks with the Line of Best Fit. You can read the full article here. Full of interesting wee anecdotes, Nice to see a shout out for the Cocteau Twins, rarely mentioned but I have always linked their sound with Doves.

The Royal Albert Hall just released the set times for the TCT gig. As always these times are approximate and subject to change. Thanks to Reform Doves for the heads up!



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