Forest House Lyrics & Guitar Tab

Walk past pines
To the forest house
Through the forest gate
Talk with me
Oh stay until it’s late
In the house by the lake

Oh my love
Oh my love

New morning’s come soon
Sunlight’s on your back
Shadows on dead leaves
Run through pines
Over railway lines
And to the forest house

Oh my love
Oh my love

Tablature by Nick Yates.

The tabs are designed so that you can strum along to Doves tracks. The tabs may not reflect exactly how Doves play the songs as some of the recordings are detuned and they are designed so that you don’t have to be Jez or play a right-handed guitar upside down to enjoy them!

We invite you to submit any corrections where necessary. Click on the tabs to see the full size sheets that you can also download if you wish.