Belfast to Boston

Jimi Goodwin · July MIX JIMI 2020

Check out Jimi’s latest mix. Its quite lovely, don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself.

Jimi has also offered up some football predictions up on the BBC Sport website. Its the usual weekly round of Lawro vs a celeb. Best of luck Jimi, though Arnold Schwarzenegger will take some beating by the looks of it!!

Andy Chats With Nic Harcourt

Andy recently spoke with Nic Harcourt of Los Angeles based 88.5 FM Radio. The interview will premiere on YouTube this Friday at 8PM BST at this link.

Carousels Guitar Tab

The Carousels guitar tab has now been added to the site thanks to Nick Yates. Many of you may be familiar with Nick’s tabs on the site, he has done every Doves track along with the Black Rivers & Jimi Goodwin tracks. Feedback is welcome. Have a bash at it here.

Tom Rowlands Kingdom Of Rust Remix

Apologies for dipping into the past at this moment, but this unreleased Tom Rowlands remix of Kingdom of Rust was recently uploaded.

Thanks to Luis for sharing on the forum!

Contain Yourselves!

The Universal Want Pre-order

Pre-order the new Doves album The Universal Want from here.

The Universal Want

News of the brand new Doves album ‘The Universal Want’ hit the newswires today with mentions across the globe. Here’s a snapshot of some of the major outlets that have picked up the news of the album..

The Rolling Stone

In the UK, The NME interviewed Jimi exclusively about Prisoners and the album. Some great insight from Jimi, you can read the full interview here.

The album is released on September 11th on EMI Records in the UK and on Imperial in the USA. Album track listing is as follows along with the album artwork:

  1. Carousels
  2. I Will Not Hide
  3. Broken Eyes
  4. For Tomorrow
  5. Cathedrals of the Mind
  6. Prisoners
  7. Cycle of Hurt
  8. Mother Silver Lake
  9. Universal Want
  10. Forest House

Album pre-orders opens up on Friday July 10th.

Steve Lamacq gave first play to the new single Prisoners early today. He also interviewed Jez. If you missed it, you can listen back here. Starts about 2 hours 7 minutes in.

Finally, here’s a review for you Spanish speaking fans. Its always lovely to hear from folks from all over. Check it out! Doves have never been to Mexico, hopefully when the world is in a better place Doves can make it to this great country! Happy to include reviews in other languages, just drop me a note.

Prisoners – Out Now!

Prisoners – the first single from our forthcoming new album is out now.

It’s about continually chasing something and not being satisfied when you eventually get it. You’ve got ‘that thing’ and you find you’re not any happier. Be careful what you wish for.

Listen to Prisoners here / Lyrics to Prisoners can be found here.

Prisoners YouTube Premiere

The video for our forthcoming new single ‘Prisoners’ will premiere on YouTube tomorrow at 5PM BST. Watch and chat live with other fans.

Go ahead and set the reminder now by clicking here.

Also at 5PM BST tomorrow, Prisoners will get first play on BBC Radio 6 Music with Steve Lamacq. Jez will also be interviewed. Its all happening..

New Single – Prisoners

You can now pre-save our forthcoming new single ‘Prisoners’ on Spotify ahead of the release on Thursday July 9th at 5pm. Click here to do so.


Pre-order the brand new Doves album The Universal Want

Doves Lost Souls Interview

Andy Williams Cedar EP Interview


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