It still amazes me how many of you still frequent this site, despite the fact I haven’t posted anything in so long. Over the past month this site still averages 150-200 hits per day, most likely due to the fact if you search for Doves music/band online, you will end up here.

No news to report, though Black Rivers stated on their twitter recently that they are very much working on their second album. Jimi also has been posting on his twitter!

Thanks for the continued support!

Friday July 22nd marks 14 years since Pounding was released as a single on CD, DVD & vinyl. I seem to recall the label sent out a cardboard case to store the CD/DVD. The single reached a disappointing 21 on the UK singles chart, it should have been massive.

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Jimi on stage with John Grant


Over the weekend Jimi joined John Grant onstage at the BBC 6 Music Festival in Bristol. Check out the performance on the BBC iPlayer here (UK only sorry!)

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Kingdom of Rust Remix

First off Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the best for 2016, thanks for keep stopping by even though there hasn’t been a great deal to report.

But here’s a festive cracker worth checking out, a previously unreleased Tom Rowlands remix of Kingdom of Rust made it onto a 6 music Chemical Brothers mix that went out today (Christmas Day). The mix is really good, but if you don’t have the time to listen to it all, the remix of KOR comes in around 2 hours 50 minutes.

Go Listen

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Caught By The River presents Spoken Word & Nature Disco Vol 3

As you can probably tell, there is not much going on! But here is a beauty well worth checking out..

Track selection is by Jeff Barrett, mixed by the Dubwood Allstars.

Spoken Word & Nature Disco Vol. 3 by Caught By The River on Mixcloud

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Black Rivers Guitar Tabs & Lyrics

BR Trades Club

Thanks to Nick Yates we can bring you the complete set of Black Rivers Guitar tabs. You can find them via the BR tab on the menu bar.

The tabs are designed so that you can strum along to the tracks. You don’t have to play a right-handed guitar upside down to enjoy them!

In other Black Rivers news, they have announced a gig at the brilliant Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. Tickets are on sale this Friday (July 10th) from 9am at the Trades Club website.

BR have put out a stunning Rebelski remix of Deep Rivers Run Quiet. Check it out here! Brilliant stuff, Doves put out some cracking remixes over the years but the best one in opinion was always Rebelski’s mix of The Sulphur Man. Dare I say better than the original?!

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Jimi Manchester Roadhouse Setlist

class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3109″ src=”https://www.dovesmusicblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/JimiManMay2015.jpg” alt=”JimiManMay2015″ width=”480″ height=”800″ />

Setlist from tonights Manchester Roadhouse show, thanks to Hinterland over at Doves forum. Hinterland notes that The Phone Call was not played. No clue about Naughts and Ones! By all accounts (twitter) it sounds like it was a fab night.

I’ve got all the Black Rivers guitar tabs to upload thanks to Nick. I’m in the process of moving gaff so those will follow shortly I promise.

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Jimi Roadhouse Show

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Tickets on sale now!

Black Rivers are also playing a few shows this month. Manchester is sold out, tix still available for London & Glasgow. For ticket info visit their website.

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Steve Lloyd Benefit Gig

Jimi will headline a fundraising show to celebrate the life of Steve Lloyd, the former Manchester Roadhouse owner and Doves live sound engineer at the Manchester Roadhouse on May 27th.

Trojan Horse will support. Tickets are on sale now at seetickets.

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Lost Souls 15 Years On


Lost Souls was released 15 years ago today! Hard to believe eh.

NBHAP spoke to both Andy & Jimi about their thoughts on the album. Its a good read, check it out here.

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RSD Release

Apologies for the lack of updates this month, a combination of a holiday in the homeland & busy work schedule has kept me off the site. Anyhow Its good to see Jimi will partake in a wee bit of the RSD action this year. A remix of Didsbury Girl (Well worth checking out!) will share a split side 7″ with a Pete Wiggs track.

Jimi has been busy in the studio, at least we presume with the follow up to Odludek. Check him out on twitter for the very latest!

Things are also going well for Black Rivers. The support slot with Noel G sounds like its going down a storm! I hear the Glasgow show was especially good. They are due out over here in the US next week. Those of you able to make a show, let us know how it goes over at twitter!

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