Cardiff Tomorrow / Carson Daly Tonight

Doves are back on the road tomorrow. They provide the main support for Stereophonics massive homecoming show at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Doves are due on stage at 7:15pm and are due off at 8. The phonics on at 8:30pm all times approx and subject to change.

If you are going, as always do send in your pictures/review whatever you want to send in. Have a good night!

Next Tuesday see’s Doves make a return to Douglas on the Isle Of Man. Then its a busy weekend playing the Isle Of Wight Festival, Thetford Forest in Suffolk & Rockness in Scotland.

Finally, if you are in the US. Once again Doves are featured on Last Call With Carson Daly. They filmed the May 16th 2009 performance at the LA Wiltern Theater. Several cuts have already aired which you can read about here. The show airs 12:35am Chicago time.

Archive: Last Call With Carson Daly #3

As we reported last week, Last Call With Carson Daly aired further footage of Doves May 16th 2009 performance at the LA Wiltern Theater. Previously the show aired footage of Kingdom Of Rust & 10.03. This time they aired Black And White Town. To see the video, click here.

Once again, a big thank you to Northwest Tapers for the video.

Doves Live On Carson Daly

For those of us in the USA.. once again Carson daly will be playing some live Doves taken from the LA Wiltern show from last May. Previously they aired Kingdom Of Rust & 10.03, not sure if they will repeat one of those or play something new. The show airs late Wedneday night. Only one way to find out…

Thanks to Northwest Tapers as always for the heads up!

New Last Call With Carson Daly Video

Another one for the better late than never category. This time its a new video from the Carson Daly show. Last week the show aired 10.03 from the Los Angeles Wiltern show. Kingdom Of Rust from the same show was broadcast way back in May.

Thanks to blureu for the heads up!

Last Call with Carson Daly

Thanks to Laurence at doves board for the heads up. Footage of the LA Wiltern show, will be aired on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly show, Next Thursday (May 28th 1:35am ET).

The Scene Star Reviews L.A. Wiltern Show

L.A.-based music blog, The Scene Star has posted a review of last week’s show at the city’s Wiltern Theater.

The Scene Star.com

The band opened with Kingdom of Rust track “Jetstream,” which seemed to mirror the overall performance, as the night continued to build progressively, just like the song.

To read the full review, click here.

LA Reviews

Billboard have given the LA Wiltern a positive review:

Purple lights bathed the crowd in the mellow gauze of the new album’s “10:03″ while distressed images of x-rays and insects flashed across the video screens during “Rise”— one of three standouts played from the group’s 2000 debut “Lost Souls,” along with first and second encores “Firesuite” and “Here It Comes,” respectively.

Andy Williams’ fervent drumming is often times the focal point of the band’s onstage chemistry, evidenced most clearly during the mammoth thump of a crowd favorite, “Black And White Town.” Watching brother Jez squeeze every drop out of his effects-drenched guitar rig during the set’s closing number, “There Goes The Fear,” was almost as compelling.

To read the full review, click here.

musiczeitgeist.com have also given the LA show a very positive review:

It wasn’t that brothers Jez and Andy Williams, along with bassist and primary vocalist Jimi Goodwin (all ably backed by Martin Rebelski on keys) so much delivered scorching performances as much as they simply maximized each song’s live potential. In this setting, newer numbers from Kingdom Of Rust (including the countrified title track and especially “The Outsiders”) suffered no risk of being overwhelmed by older, near-iconic songs such as “Pounding,” “Words,” “Snowden,” or “Almost Forgot Myself.” Contextually speaking, the “new stuff” shone brighter than on album and as brightly as anything else they’ve done in concert previously.

To read the full review, click here. Note: Doves did not support Coldplay on their first US tour. Doves played their own headline tour early 2001. Doves had The Strokes supporting on that tour!

NME.com Reviews Wiltern Show

In a short review posted at their Doves mini-site today, NME.com has described Doves’ recent performance at L.A.’s Wiltern Theater as “a triumphant return”…


“Jesus, man, it’s been a long time since we’ve played here and it’s good that you’re with us,” frontman Jimi Goodwin told the huge crowd, who cheered back in response.

“It’s Saturday night and you’re dressed for a night on the town,” he added, surveying the audience. “There’s even a couple f***ing in the top row.”

To read the full review, click here.

L.A. Weekly Reviews Wiltern Show

LA Weekly.com has today posted a great review of Doves’ recent show at the city’s Wiltern Theatre.

L.A. Weekly.com

Doves, on stage and record, are all about consistency: set (and career) standouts are subtle and troughs shallow. They marry baggy Madchester roots to U2’s sense of scale and cop strummy Brit-pop attitude while bristling with “Bristol sound” (Portishead/Tricky) electro/organic textures. Their all-eyes-off-us, bloke-down-the-pub lack of pretense last night only left their music more vivid. There was appreciative between-song bonhomie and de rigueur big screen projections, but essentially this was four musicians playing tunes.

To read the full review, click here. The site also features a slideshow of photos from the concert, here.

The Wiltern Theatre, L.A.

Carson Daly show

Last night’s LA Wiltern show was taped for a future episode of the Carson Daly show. Both Doves & Wild Light (who apparently stole the show with an awesome pair of tight white jeans!) footage will appear on a future episode of the show. More info as we have it.