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Billboard have given the LA Wiltern a positive review:

Purple lights bathed the crowd in the mellow gauze of the new album’s “10:03″ while distressed images of x-rays and insects flashed across the video screens during “Rise”— one of three standouts played from the group’s 2000 debut “Lost Souls,” along with first and second encores “Firesuite” and “Here It Comes,” respectively.

Andy Williams’ fervent drumming is often times the focal point of the band’s onstage chemistry, evidenced most clearly during the mammoth thump of a crowd favorite, “Black And White Town.” Watching brother Jez squeeze every drop out of his effects-drenched guitar rig during the set’s closing number, “There Goes The Fear,” was almost as compelling.

To read the full review, click here. have also given the LA show a very positive review:

It wasn’t that brothers Jez and Andy Williams, along with bassist and primary vocalist Jimi Goodwin (all ably backed by Martin Rebelski on keys) so much delivered scorching performances as much as they simply maximized each song’s live potential. In this setting, newer numbers from Kingdom Of Rust (including the countrified title track and especially “The Outsiders”) suffered no risk of being overwhelmed by older, near-iconic songs such as “Pounding,” “Words,” “Snowden,” or “Almost Forgot Myself.” Contextually speaking, the “new stuff” shone brighter than on album and as brightly as anything else they’ve done in concert previously.

To read the full review, click here. Note: Doves did not support Coldplay on their first US tour. Doves played their own headline tour early 2001. Doves had The Strokes supporting on that tour!

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