Better Late Than Never..

Blogger Stefania of Melt Your Face Off has just posted her review of the recent May 29th Chicago Vic Theatre show.

It seems as if she had a great time:

On Friday, May 29th I finally saw one of my favorite bands live…Doves: I can’t even recall the last time they played in the States. If they did they totally missed Dallas, DC, and NYC (any of the cities I could have seen them in since I discovered them in 2000). I am on their listserv and always get so jealous when I see dates in their native England. So I could hardly contain my excitement that after 4 years of releasing a new album they were doing a US tour, and one of the stops was going to be Chicago. At my favorite venue, The Vic. Could it be more perfect?

The show was not only amazing because the band is, but also because the crowd was so excited to be there. As you can tell in the videos the cheers and singing along were pretty consistent. In fact the band at one point got embarrassed that we were so adoring towards them. Well when you rarely come to see us, what do you expect?

To read the full review, visit Melt Your Face Off here.

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See the Chicago setlist here.

If you have a review of an older show, let us know, we’ll flag it up. Doesn’t have to be from this year.

Photos Of Doves In Detroit

Flickr user, Drew Dawson, has posted a few pictures of Doves’ show in Detroit, last night.

Jimi in Detroit

View the other photos by clicking here.

Minneapolis Varsity Theater – Review & Photos

I’m a tad late with this, mainly due to the recent sunshine across most of Britain over the weekend. Like Doves say, “Catch the sun, before it’s gone”…

Music-blog, Culture Bully, has an amazing review (and pictures) of last Thursday’s show at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities Decider also has a few photos of Doves, along with support act, Wild Light.

Martin at the Varsity Theater

Click here for The Culture Bully’s article and here for the Twin Cities Decider’s photo gallery.

The Scene Star Reviews L.A. Wiltern Show

L.A.-based music blog, The Scene Star has posted a review of last week’s show at the city’s Wiltern Theater.

The Scene

The band opened with Kingdom of Rust track “Jetstream,” which seemed to mirror the overall performance, as the night continued to build progressively, just like the song.

To read the full review, click here. Reviews Wiltern Show

In a short review posted at their Doves mini-site today, has described Doves’ recent performance at L.A.’s Wiltern Theater as “a triumphant return”…

“Jesus, man, it’s been a long time since we’ve played here and it’s good that you’re with us,” frontman Jimi Goodwin told the huge crowd, who cheered back in response.

“It’s Saturday night and you’re dressed for a night on the town,” he added, surveying the audience. “There’s even a couple f***ing in the top row.”

To read the full review, click here.

L.A. Weekly Reviews Wiltern Show

LA has today posted a great review of Doves’ recent show at the city’s Wiltern Theatre.


Doves, on stage and record, are all about consistency: set (and career) standouts are subtle and troughs shallow. They marry baggy Madchester roots to U2’s sense of scale and cop strummy Brit-pop attitude while bristling with “Bristol sound” (Portishead/Tricky) electro/organic textures. Their all-eyes-off-us, bloke-down-the-pub lack of pretense last night only left their music more vivid. There was appreciative between-song bonhomie and de rigueur big screen projections, but essentially this was four musicians playing tunes.

To read the full review, click here. The site also features a slideshow of photos from the concert, here.

The Wiltern Theatre, L.A.

Chicago Vic Theatre

May 13th 2005


Black And White Town
Almost Forgot Myself
Where We’re Calling From
Sea Song
Sky Starts Falling
Caught By The River
Last Broadcast
One Of These Days
The Cedar Room

Here It Comes

There Goes The Fear