Portland Review

OregonLive.com has published a great review of Doves’ show at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom venue.


The encore also included a subtle, understated performance of the beautifully melancholic “The Last Broadcast.” “It comes to a point when you feel nothing,” Goodwin sang. “This is the last time.”

Based on the strength of their performance, if the Doves are the last band to ever broadcast, I can’t say I would mind too much.

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Jez Interviewed For Colorado Springs Independent

Bill Forman of the Colorado Springs Independent recently interviewed Jez, discussing his thoughts on: Doves losing the UK #1 Album Chart position to Lady Gaga; Manchester City, and the band’s personal upheavals during the creation of Kingdom Of Rust.

Colorado Springs Indy

“We did ‘Blue Moon,’ but it’s a really messed-up, drugged-out, psychedelic version,” says an obviously pleased Williams. “It’s a little bit left-field for the City, but they play it, so it’s all good.”

To read the full interview, visit this link.

Bill Forman can be contacted via Twitter, username Billforman.

L.A. Weekly Reviews Wiltern Show

LA Weekly.com has today posted a great review of Doves’ recent show at the city’s Wiltern Theatre.

L.A. Weekly.com

Doves, on stage and record, are all about consistency: set (and career) standouts are subtle and troughs shallow. They marry baggy Madchester roots to U2’s sense of scale and cop strummy Brit-pop attitude while bristling with “Bristol sound” (Portishead/Tricky) electro/organic textures. Their all-eyes-off-us, bloke-down-the-pub lack of pretense last night only left their music more vivid. There was appreciative between-song bonhomie and de rigueur big screen projections, but essentially this was four musicians playing tunes.

To read the full review, click here. The site also features a slideshow of photos from the concert, here.

The Wiltern Theatre, L.A.