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The online presence of Clash Magazine,, has a revealing new interview with Andy & Jez Williams, discussing free downloads, maintaining their mystique and Rick Myers’ albums artwork.

Of course, new bands are under great pressures to succeed. Do you think things have changed in this area since your first album?

Both: Yeah.

J: I think it’s very tough for young, new bands nowadays. There are no development deals available. You can put a first album out and if it doesn’t do well you’re dropped, seemingly no questions asked. At the other side of the spectrum, there’s what happens if your debut does really well: this thing called the second album. It depends what kind of band you are, but I get the impression there are more bands today who will look to do their first album again –the public knows their sound, and they get it, so the band responds and makes more of the same. I’ve seen that happen enough times. But then again a band might not develop their sound ‘til the third album, and if the second one doesn’t work out they never get the chance to get that far. It’s just tough, y’know.

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Jimi & Andy In Conversation With The Quietus

Pop-culture website, The Quietus, has a great new interview with Jimi and Andy.

The Quietus

Andy: “‘Jetstream’ started life as a more rocky song and it was later on that we added those 16s on the hi-hats and it showed us a different pattern.”

Jimi: “Then we added a phase to it. Then we added the chugga chugga chugga bassline which was really staccato.”

Andy: “We’re massive fans of Kraftwerk but we’ve never really touched that sort of thing in Doves. We were like ‘Ah!’ because there were some really big possibilities to introduce a Kraftwerk vibe. A Teutonic vibe if you like. We’d never managed to do that before so we were pretty chuffed you know.”

To read the full interview, visit this link.


Check out the official site for the first of a series of interviews with the band. Today its Andy answering questions about the reaction of the early shows on the current mini tour. Click the doves logo to straight to the interview.

A cracking read. Looking forward to the next installment.