Jimi & Andy In Conversation With The Quietus

Pop-culture website, The Quietus, has a great new interview with Jimi and Andy.

The Quietus

Andy: “‘Jetstream’ started life as a more rocky song and it was later on that we added those 16s on the hi-hats and it showed us a different pattern.”

Jimi: “Then we added a phase to it. Then we added the chugga chugga chugga bassline which was really staccato.”

Andy: “We’re massive fans of Kraftwerk but we’ve never really touched that sort of thing in Doves. We were like ‘Ah!’ because there were some really big possibilities to introduce a Kraftwerk vibe. A Teutonic vibe if you like. We’d never managed to do that before so we were pretty chuffed you know.”

To read the full interview, visit this link.

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