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XFM Manchester Interview

Andy Spoke to XFM Manchester’s Pete Mitchell on Sunday there. I managed to grab a wee minute of the interview (cheers to Slow Hands at Doves board for the heads up) which you can listen to here. The bit missing is basically just Andy talking about how somebody suggested they should revisit Blue Water for the Best Of. What you will hear is Andy talk about the origins of Andalucia and the band’s plans for the rest of the year.

You may have noticed with the previous blog post, we have a new author on the blog. A big thank you to Madeleine aka BlackEyedAngel at doves board for offering to help out during this busy time. Madeleine has the great advantage of being based in North West England, so will have access to articles like the one she posted about below that I do not over here! The fresh input is never a bad thing also, the blog will only benefit as a result.

To those who have asked about status of Not sure to be honest though I do know the site will have a fresh new look which should be going live any day now, so that may be why the site is down.

Hot Air!

So that Hot Press yesterday had allot of us going. But fear not as Andy has had his say over at the official forum..

I’d just like to reassure you all that we’re definitely not splitting up & this is definitely
not our farewell tour!!

So there you have it! Great news, though that was quite the jump made by Hot Press! I doubt this blog will be flagging up any further “news” from that lot again.

To read the rest of what Andy had to say about the article and what doves are doing right now, head over to the official forum.

Time Out Dubai Interview

Time Out Dubai recently spoke to Andy, about the upcoming appearance at Dubai’s Sound City festival. Its not the best article in truth, no prizes for guessing the glaring errors. But here’s some snippets about stalkers (!!), upcoming plans & playing with Camera Obscura.

The critics tend to agree, describing this year’s record, Kingdom of Rust, as ‘unmistakably better than its predecessors’. But while the musos like Doves, the celebrity rags don’t really know who they are. ‘People aren’t into us personally, which is fine,’ says Andy. ‘It’s sort of like we live by ourselves, we die by ourselves. If we wanted that kind of attention, we could go about getting it.’

But sometimes that attention comes anyway. Doves admit they aim to create music that expresses the emotions people find hard to put into words. And that causes some fans to get a little too attached to the band. ‘We did have a stalker a few years back,’ Andy reveals. ‘I can laugh about it now, but this guy started sending letters to my home address and –well, I won’t go into it.’

‘We’re talking of doing a “best of” album next year and a couple of new songs for that,’ he replies, swiftly switching back to the professional side of things. ‘Then we’ve got the UK tour in December and we’re talking about asking this band called Camera Obscura or a new guy called Bibio to support.’

To read the full article, click here.

Camera Obscura!! If that happens, what a line-up! One of the best bands out of Scotland in recent years. Their latest album My Maudlin Career is well worth checking out, even just for the song The Sweetest Thing.

Leigh DJ Set

Tickets are now on sale at seetickets for a doves DJ set at Bar Bliss in Leigh on Friday November 6th. Note, this is a DJ set only. Usually its Andy & Jez on the decks. Tickets are a fiver on sale at See here.

There also due to do a DJ set at the Eiger music studios bar in Leeds on the 7th. Though I believe this is a private invitation only event.

Manchester City Interview

Jimi & Andy were recently interviewed by Man City. They give their views on the current happenings at City, their first match at City & the new Umbro kit.

To view the interview, visit the official Man City website here.

Thanks @Umbro

The Colorado Daily Interviews Andy

Doves drummer Andy Williams has given a short interview to Wendy Kale of The Colorado Daily

“We do have a theme to the record — it’s all about travel,” Williams said. “The songs could be about travel on the road or personal journeys.

“We just paint the picture with the lyrics. We want to give a mood, and then let people imagine their own story when they listen to this record. The imagination is a powerful thing.”

To read the full interview, click here.

Andy In Rhythm

The latest issue of the U.K.’s Rhythm magazine (with Zak Starkey on the cover) features an exclusive interview with Andy Williams.

Rhythm Magazine, June 2009 The magazine for drummers is widely available through WHSmith and most large newsagents. To subscribe to future editions, click here.

Edinburgh Picture House

Doves played the Edinburgh Picture House for the first time tonight. Sounds like the gig went well. Though Jimi, announced Andy wasn’t feeling too good tonight, so the set was slightly shorter than usual. Here It Comes was not played, The Last Broadcast was moved to the main set, leaving just a two song encore Northenden/The Fear. Kudos to Andy for soldiering on. Get well soon!

Thanks to McGrivvy at doves board for the set info.

Andy Promises Exciting Tour Visuals

In an interview with The Birmingham Mail, Andy has briefly discussed the staging of Doves’ forthcoming tour.


“Because the venues on this tour are a bit bigger we are working out another couple of songs and features.

“We are doing this new intro film which sounds very exciting but I can’t really tell you any more than that.

“I hope it’s good now I’ve built it up.”

To read the full article, visit this link.

Jimi Chooses Q The Music’s Friday "Track Of The Day"

For the last installment of doves guest editors appearance at Q music online. Jimi has chosen ‘Omega Time’ by Malakai, to be Q The Music’s Friday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Jimi Goodwin (Doves): “From their album ‘The Ugly Side of Love’. Bristol madness! Think Jeff Barrett (Doves’ label boss at Heavenly Records) turned us on to this. Reminds me of things like Madvillain/Madlib/Edan psychedelic hip hop. Really thrilled that they’re going to be supporting us on our April/May tour.”

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s picks.

Monday: Jacob and the Angel by the Invisible (Jimi)
Tuesday: Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (Jez)
Wednesday: Sea Within A Sea by the Horrors (Andy)
Thursday: Extinction by the Soft Pack (Jimi)

Andy & Jez also talked to Q about all the albums. Here are the links:

Lost Souls (Andy)
The Last Broadcast (Jez)
Some Cities (Andy)
Kingdom Of Rust (Jez)

If you still have not got enough doves at Q. Then check out doves greatest hits page here.