Time Out Dubai Interview

Time Out Dubai recently spoke to Andy, about the upcoming appearance at Dubai’s Sound City festival. Its not the best article in truth, no prizes for guessing the glaring errors. But here’s some snippets about stalkers (!!), upcoming plans & playing with Camera Obscura.

The critics tend to agree, describing this year’s record, Kingdom of Rust, as ‘unmistakably better than its predecessors’. But while the musos like Doves, the celebrity rags don’t really know who they are. ‘People aren’t into us personally, which is fine,’ says Andy. ‘It’s sort of like we live by ourselves, we die by ourselves. If we wanted that kind of attention, we could go about getting it.’

But sometimes that attention comes anyway. Doves admit they aim to create music that expresses the emotions people find hard to put into words. And that causes some fans to get a little too attached to the band. ‘We did have a stalker a few years back,’ Andy reveals. ‘I can laugh about it now, but this guy started sending letters to my home address and –well, I won’t go into it.’

‘We’re talking of doing a “best of” album next year and a couple of new songs for that,’ he replies, swiftly switching back to the professional side of things. ‘Then we’ve got the UK tour in December and we’re talking about asking this band called Camera Obscura or a new guy called Bibio to support.’

To read the full article, click here.

Camera Obscura!! If that happens, what a line-up! One of the best bands out of Scotland in recent years. Their latest album My Maudlin Career is well worth checking out, even just for the song The Sweetest Thing.

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