Your Favourite Doves Songs Top 20: Pick Your Favourite

Alright, I asked you all to pick your five favourite doves songs from the entire back catalogue and you have spoken! Some interesting results.. Tracks from Kingdom Of Rust already already proving to be instant favourites.

Here is the top 20 with the number of times each track was voted for. I will be posting a full list of results next week.

Pounding 396
There Goes The Fear 393
The Cedar Room 391
Caught By The River 362
Kingdom Of Rust 356
Black And White Town 355
Snowden 352
Sea Song 349
Rise 346
Here It Comes 343
Catch The Sun 341
Words 337
The Man Who Told Everything 333
Jetstream 290
10.03 278
Winter Hill 258
Firesuite 257
Last Broadcast 250
Satellites 231
Almost Forgot Myself 227

As you can see the results were all fairly close, as was the case for the top 50 in truth. Darker was only three votes from getting into the top 20.

To make it a bit more interesting, here is a new poll to determine your ultimate favourite doves song. You only get one vote instead of five like before…

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