Metro: What’s On Jimi’s Ipod

As the promo for the best of starts to crank up, Jimi has given Metro an insight into what’s playing on his ipod at the moment.

History Of Man by Amanaz

I heard this on Steve ‘Sex Pistol’ Jones’s short-lived but ace BBC 6Music show late last year. It’s Zambian psych rock from Amanaz’s 1975 Africa album. It sounds like a black Black Sabbath.

Irene by Caetano Veloso

I love songs that break down and sort of start again. And what a riff. It sounds like they had a ball recording this. You can actually hear the joy.

Ancestors by Gonjasufi

This is super-weird hip hop from Warp Records. I love the blasted vocal on it and the ridiculous beat. Check out the album, A Sufi And A Killer.

To see the full list, visit the Metro website.

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