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Caught By The River Nature Book Reader

Caught By The River recently launched their Nature Book reader. An excellent resource ..featuring one of my favourite books Waterlog by Roger Deakin.

Jimi Goodwin picks one of his favourites, to read Jimi’s review of The Runways and others head over to the reader.

If I had to pick one.. I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm by the River Tweed. So would higly recommend if you are into fishing, the rather old school but fascinating Days and nights of salmon fishing in the River Tweed which was recently re-released and is available to read at google books.

Doves Wipe the Slate Clean With Best-Of

Spinner conducted a short interview with Jimi, some interesting info..

Why release a best-of now?

I have to admit it wasn’t our idea to do it, but then we got over our reticence. We’ve cleaned out the vaults now, so whatever we do next, the slate’s clean. We’ve put three brand-new tracks on it, which sweetened the pill for me, and we wondered when was the right time to get nostalgic, because none of us are really and we haven’t listened to a lot of those tracks since we recorded them.

So how involved were you in compiling it?

Very involved — we’d never let anyone else do it. It took longer than we expected, but mind you everything always does in Doves. Hopefully, it stands up to things like ‘Songs to Learn and Sing’ by Echo And The Bunnymen, because I look at those as albums in their own right; you forget that they’re compilations.

Where did the title come from?

It’s inspired by a book by Rory Stewart, ‘The Places In Between,’ it just seems to fit because it bookends this part of our life. It’s closing the last 12 years. We’ve all read his story now, it’s an inspiring journey this guy did after the invasion of Afghanistan. He travelled on his own from village to village. The guy’s got balls.

How has working on this changed your perception of what you have achieved so far?

We were unanimous on the songs that haven’t aged so well that didn’t go on it, but on the whole, it’s a good run of music from three kids. ‘Sulphur Man’ was a moment for me — I was back there recording it, writing the lyrics in my front room with ’em both, bouncing ideas.

I think someone could cover that really well and I never earmark my songs for other people, but I think someone female could take it somewhere else. Someone huge, Lady Gaga because she’d make a mint. I need the dough [laughs].

And I look back fondly at the ‘Some Cities’ period, going to this old schoolhouse in Scotland with Ben Nevis out the window. I spent six weeks up there and didn’t want to come home; my mum had just died and I just wanted to be away.

Before this, you took four years to put out ‘Kingdom of Rust,’ which you have admitted was a frustrating time for the band. Did you come close to breaking up?

It was never said, but I’m sure it crossed everyone’s minds. There were weeks when we didn’t want to be there. I had a lot of family things going on, so did Jez, so did Andy, but we just couldn’t give up. We’ve never had out-and-out throwing things at each other. It’s just not the way we operate. Maybe it would be nice if we did sometimes, maybe we just brood with each other.

You have some live dates coming up this spring and into the summer, but what then? Can we look forward to another Doves album?

We’re looking forward to going out and having some fun with existing material. It’s not about buying time, but it’s good not to go on this treadmill of album, tour, album, tour. These days there’s no rules and we’ve not decided … there’s been talk of people doing, not solo, but collaborations and songwriting with or for other people, then hopefully bring it back to the table at a later date.

For more, visit Spinner.com

The big issue in the north

Doves are featuring in the 29 March to 4 April of the Big Issue in the North Magazine. Feature on the front cover (could not find a picture so far) and a 2 side article about “Doves. At peace with temselves, in our music special”

Jimi reflects on songs on ‘the places between’ and also recalls the long way they’ve come from. Jimi also is thinking back to the struggles while recording Kingdom of Rust. In the magazine it states: Today he’s (Jimi) more positive for the future, stating – if not exactly confidently then at least hopefully – that there’ll be one more studio record before the band consider calling it a day.
Looks like the recent rumours about doves splitting up were only hot air, fingers crossed.

Metro: What’s On Jimi’s Ipod

As the promo for the best of starts to crank up, Jimi has given Metro an insight into what’s playing on his ipod at the moment.

History Of Man by Amanaz

I heard this on Steve ‘Sex Pistol’ Jones’s short-lived but ace BBC 6Music show late last year. It’s Zambian psych rock from Amanaz’s 1975 Africa album. It sounds like a black Black Sabbath.

Irene by Caetano Veloso

I love songs that break down and sort of start again. And what a riff. It sounds like they had a ball recording this. You can actually hear the joy.

Ancestors by Gonjasufi

This is super-weird hip hop from Warp Records. I love the blasted vocal on it and the ridiculous beat. Check out the album, A Sufi And A Killer.

To see the full list, visit the Metro website.

6 Music

A note from Jimi regarding the shocking decision by the BBC to close 6 music and The Asian Network.

Hello ,

Been meaning to say hi and talk about this and that but right now feeling rather bummed out by the proposed BBC cuts.
Save BBC 6 and the Asian network !
Facebilge , Twatter and numerous other petitions online , choose your poison …..
Make your voice heard though. Huh ?

Jimi x



New Doves On Sky Sports

If you have Sky Sports, then tune into Soccer Am tomorrow (why wouldn’t you anyways? – great show!) there is a possibily of hearing new single Andalucia! Having heard the track myself, its highly likely we will be hearing the track allot during the World Cup this summer, it has that vibe to it!

Then later on at the end of the Chelsea V Man City game which is a lunch time KO, Blue Water will close the show.

Also found at doves board.., head over to your nearest newsagent and pick up a copy of the lads mag Loaded. Jimi is the guest editor of this month’s music section. Cheers to parray for the heads up! If anyone wants to send in a scan, feel free. Credit (or not if you prefer..!) given of course.

New Birds Flew Backwards Remix

A good way to start the week.. The good folks at Caught By The River in association with Heavenly Recordings are streaming a new remix of Birds Flew Backwards. The remix was done by Chris Watson, one of the founder members of Cabaret Voltaire, now famed wildlife sound recordist. Do check out his website, he’s done some pretty amazing stuff.

Also announced today at Caught By The River, is the second Birdsongs compilation. This time the compilation has been put together by Jimi Goodwin! To get the download, you must sign up with your email address at the site. The download will be sent out to members on Wednesday. So if you are not signed up, do so now! Artwork for the compilation has been done by Matt Sewell, which features a Robin as requested by Jimi.

Also whilst your at Caught By The River, check out the Happy Mondays post featuring some good Factory Records video footage. Great stuff!

Memories Of The Barras

The Glasgow Barrowland celebrates 75 years as being one of the finest venues anywhere. Having been to some of the best venues around the world, it still does not get better than the sticky floor at the barras for me. Jimi has his say in the Sun..

Doves bassist JIMI GOODWIN said: “When we first played it I was thrilled because I used to stand outside doing bootleg T-shirts when I was 17.

“I love the fact that it hasn’t been cleaned since 1940.”

As I have mentioned before, the best doves show I ever saw was at the Barras in May 2002. Listen to the show here. Check out the intro to Caught By The River to hear a rather merry Jimi tell the crowd he saw Public Enemy at the Barras and he was the guy you bought tickets from outside! Hilarious.

Happy Birthday Barrowland! Cheers for the memories.

The Bird Effect Diaries

The diary of the making of a film. and an on going fascination with birds and their accompanying cast of human characters. By Ceri Levy.

Another lovely article at Caught By The River. This time featuring Jimi. Visit Caught By The River.

Also do a bit of poking around on the blog. You’ll also find an article that has Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost asking the legendry singer-songwriter Bill Callahan a few questions.

Jimi Interview on XFM

Just a wee interview Jimi did earlier this evening, on XFM. You can download it here. Anyone from Leicester listening, sorry there is no gig there. Jimi meant Lincoln. :)