Jimi Saves The Day

News must be slow – here’s one that appeared on teletext yesterday..

Jimi Goodwin, the bassist for rock band Doves, is a hero after saving the life of… a rabbit!

“We rehearse on a farm and the Jack Russell from the farm just trotted past me with a live rabbit in his mouth. I just made him drop it and hopefully the rabbit is pretty fine,” he told me.

“I got him before he snapped his neck. It’s only staving off the inevitable, but thank God for that.” Nice.

Way to go Jimi! :) Not sure how to follow that one up..

In a recent edition of Uncut, musicians including Pete Townsend were asked to name their favourite Who song. Jimi chimed in with his favourite..

I’m One (Quadrophenia) – Jimi Goodwin (Doves). I liked at age 15. Ideal for awkward age.

Classic tune. Personally, its Baba O’Riley for me. Best intro ever. This would be the perfect opportunity to upload doves cover of the Seeker as played with Roger Daltrey at the Royal Albert Hall, 2003. Sadly I don’t have it at hand, will put that right in a couple weeks.

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