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As you have probably have guessed, news is a bit thin on the ground this last week. You all probably saw the articles that appeared in rags such as the Sun, with Jez’s quit talk, as we previously reported from his adelaidenow interview. I was even contacted by a couple rags, to give my views on Jez’s comments! Though I didn’t feel it was necessary to give my views on the subject. I’m sure it will continue to create much debate over the coming months.

The band are playing Norway this weekend. They are not playing the V festival later this month, despite what some sites are saying, the band already have a prior engagement booked, so no definitely no V appearance this year. Are you seeing the band in Norway this weekend? Let us know if you are! Would love to hear all about it.

To keep things ticking over, here is a sample of an audience recording taken at the recent New York City show. Six tracks included, this was taped by a good friend of the blog. Will post some more of doves recent US tour in the near future, probably when news is hard to come by!

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