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As you have probably have guessed, news is a bit thin on the ground this last week. You all probably saw the articles that appeared in rags such as the Sun, with Jez’s quit talk, as we previously reported from his adelaidenow interview. I was even contacted by a couple rags, to give my views on Jez’s comments! Though I didn’t feel it was necessary to give my views on the subject. I’m sure it will continue to create much debate over the coming months.

The band are playing Norway this weekend. They are not playing the V festival later this month, despite what some sites are saying, the band already have a prior engagement booked, so no definitely no V appearance this year. Are you seeing the band in Norway this weekend? Let us know if you are! Would love to hear all about it.

To keep things ticking over, here is a sample of an audience recording taken at the recent New York City show. Six tracks included, this was taped by a good friend of the blog. Will post some more of doves recent US tour in the near future, probably when news is hard to come by!

Archive: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Here’s a HD MPEG2 of Doves appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, as promised.

Click here to download the video. An AVI file download is to follow also, for those of you who prefer that.

Thanks very much to our friends NorthWestTapers for capturing the HDTV source file.

New York City Reviews

Photo by

While this would not rank among my Top 5 Doves gigs, it needs to be pointed out that these guys are the most consistent live performers I’ve seen while I’ve been blogger. You know you’re going to get an aural and visual assault of emotions. Sometimes, in those rare moments, you just forget everything in the outside world and you submit yourself to their music and live show.

When you see a band 11 times in nine years, there is plenty you can count on. First, it’s all the hits we love from their previous three albums. Although “Catch the Sun” has been vanish from their setlist since 2003

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So count these dudes among those beating U2 at their own game in the last decade or so, i.e. the Soaring, Grandiose, Unapologetically Bombastic Arena Rock game, the sort of anthemic, overdriven guitar rock that’s actually a pretty good fit for an airport terminal. Every song an epic, every chorus a budding soccer-stadium sing-a-long. Except Doves are (relatively) unassuming about it, affable and casual Brits who take their time (their new Kingdom of Rust was nearly a half-decade in the making) and don’t have much in the way of an agenda

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Fresh from taping a performance for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, UK indie-rock trio Doves packed the house in many ways last night at Terminal 5—first of which was filling the venue to the brim with fans. What the group lacked in physical presence (although they play with a fourth member on tour) they absolutely made up for in aural presence. Not a note was spared from the first few rows of people packed tightly against the metal barrier up to the crowded VIP balcony on the third floor in the back.

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Jimmy Fallon

Doves performed a short rip roaring version of The Outsiders on tonight’s edition of ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’. Video to follow tomorrow.

New York City Setlist

Picture by Juan, a friend of Twitter user Ellovater

Setlist: Thanks to dremartin for the encore info!

Winter hill
Almost Forgot Myself
Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black and White Town
Caught by the River

The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast

The fear
For an early review, check out Hope Gilmore’s review:

I was surprised by how nice the venue was, especially for being so far on the West Side of Manhattan. They showed videos throughout the whole show on a big screen behind them, it was more entertaining than some shows that just shine bright lights or show swirlies on a screen the whole time. They came out for an encore after perhaps 3 minutes of clapping. I’d guess the audience was about 2,000 people maybe, give or take a thousand, kidding…probably 2,000.

For the rest of the review, click here.

Doves Live On Stage in NYC

Awesome picture of doves on stage at Terminal 5 in New York City. Band are performing 10.03.

Picture by Twitter user twebeck

Click on the image for full size. Brilliant stuff!

Reminder: Doves on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Just a quick reminder, that doves are to peform on tonight’s edition of NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The show starts 11:35pm Chicago time. Rumor has it they played the Outsiders. Would be a surprise to me if that’s true, I would have expected Kingdom Of Rust or Winter Hill. Tune in to find out.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Doves are to make an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a week on Thursday (June 4th) 12:35ET. They will perform one track, I would guess it will either be Kingdom Of Rust or Winter Hill.

Sentimentalist Jez Interview

New York City based magazine, Sentimentalist has interviewed Jez. An interesting read:

How is the album being received?

In the UK it’s incredible. We knew that with the fourth album we had to go down avenues we haven’t gone down before, kind of push it a bit. When recording you become so abstract you never know how it’s going to be perceived. It’s not even out yet, but it’s been incredible. Our album is very much anticipated, and the reception has been heartwarming.

To read the full interview, click here.


Ticketmaster have the New York City show listed. Tickets . Pre-sale next Wednesday 10am. Password: Jetstream

Detroit ticket info: $19.50/$20 ALL AGES SHOW.

Doves have been confirmed to play the Irish Oxegen festival. Same weekend as T in the Park, where I also expect doves will perform. Just awaiting confirmation.

Thanks for all the feedback so far. Its been a great start, its only going to get busier as the album release draws nearer. Also the small matter of the tour starting next week.

Here’s a wee gem from the Sub Sub days. Released back in 1995 on the ‘From Manchester With’ compilation.

So Long Suckers