New York City Setlist

Picture by Juan, a friend of Twitter user Ellovater

Setlist: Thanks to dremartin for the encore info!

Winter hill
Almost Forgot Myself
Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black and White Town
Caught by the River

The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast

The fear
For an early review, check out Hope Gilmore’s review:

I was surprised by how nice the venue was, especially for being so far on the West Side of Manhattan. They showed videos throughout the whole show on a big screen behind them, it was more entertaining than some shows that just shine bright lights or show swirlies on a screen the whole time. They came out for an encore after perhaps 3 minutes of clapping. I’d guess the audience was about 2,000 people maybe, give or take a thousand, kidding…probably 2,000.

For the rest of the review, click here.

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