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Doves appeared in the darkness with the opening beats of Jetstream clambering out of the speakers. Jez William’s voice sung out the verses, but it was the song’s break, when brother Andy’s beating bass drum kicked in, that the band really made their presence known. Just as it is on the record, the opening track was a perfect intro, weaving Doves’ dark majesty into the room.

The gloominess turned to a bevy of brighter spotlights as Jimi Goodwin stepped up for lead vocals (and Jez took to dancing) on Snowden and then Winter Hill, which proved early that Doves deserve their reputation as a great live act –they were tight, energetic and more than a pleasure to watch. Old favourite Pounding was next, as the band began to “heavy” up their act, moving from the more subdued introductions to the real rock show. Being English, the inevitable cold weather quotes emerged; Jimi likening the chill outside to their summer and telling us how much he loves it. Did anyone agree? Not likely.

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