Greatest Hits Album Due Next Year!


In a rather revealing interview with adelaidenow, Jez let slip some of the band’s plans for next year. He also says he is not sure whether there will be another doves album.

Jez on the possiblity of a new doves album:

I think if there is another Doves album – and we’re not sure at this moment whether there will be or not – we won’t be staring at a blank canvas, but we’ve got some really strong ideas in front of us,” he says.

“It was a very slow process to be honest, and I think we were looking for some kind of direction – but something different for us – we didn’t really know what we were looking for.


“There’s a lot of material lying around – some of it finished and some of it just sparks of ideas. If it’s possible and we get some time when we get back, we’ll start going through it.”


Jez on the band’s plans for 2010..


While this news is disastrous for fans of the band, Williams let slip plans to release a greatest hits of Doves early next year, which will include two new songs.


“There’s talk of us putting a best-of out next year and then we’ll start touring on that,” Williams says.


“It’s a bit of a luxury, really, after putting out four albums but we’re going to write some new songs for it or have a look at some of the material we’ve already got.”

For those who missed the band’s recent east coast tour, all is not lost. The band had planned a more extensive tour of Australia, which would take in all major cities and, despite this having fallen through, Williams says the band will return to Australia next year – following the release of Doves’ best-of and perhaps a live experience for fans to own for themselves, in the form of a live album.


“We might do that as well, seeing as how we’ve recorded every single gig on the UK tour,” he says.


“There is talk of a live album. But we’ll be back in Australia for a more extensive tour – possibly for the best-of.”


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Interesting news! Personally, I think a greatest hits album/tour is great news for next year! The band deserve to go out and celebrate the past decade of hard work, which brought us four brilliant albums.

The debate begins, what needs to go on the greatest hits lp..

Perth Photos

Photo by digitaljunglist

To see the full set of pictures from the Perth, Australia show. Visit the fasterlouder gallery here.

Thanks to Pakwoman for flagging this up on doves board!

Perth Setlist

Here is the setlist from last night’s show in Perth Australia.


Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black and White Town
The Outsiders
The Cedar Room

Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

Visit perthquake for a short review of the Perth show. So that’s it from Australia, unless we come across any more reviews (feel free to let us know about any you find). Next stop for doves is Norway in a couple weeks. Anyone going?

Perth Review

Quick off the mark with a review of the Perth show is STEFFWANTSTOBLOG

How can I possible go to sleep after seeing one of my favourite bands? DOVES played at The Capitol, Perth, only a few hours ago and I want to write this while I still have the fresh buzz.

When Jimi Goodwin came out from the little red curtains, I thought my heart would explode. What an amazing voice! When he played a solo acoustic “Northenden” I was absolutely hypnotized. I don’t think I have ever been to a show when I wasn’t shoved around all night by some crazy drunk fan. Civilized people at concerts are quite new to me so if anyone is reading this that was there earlier tonight, thank you very much for not spilling your drink on me or bruising my feet!

To read the rest of Steff’s review, Click here.

Doves Live On Stage In Perth

Doves are currently on stage at the Capitol in Perth Australia. Here are a couple pictures from twitter.

From twitter user @stephenwalker78

From twitter user @mikeycunningham

Sydney #2 Review & Setlist

For more pictures of doves second night at the Sydney Metro, visit the fastlouder gallery here.

To show we are not completely biased, here is a not so glowing review of the second Sydney show.

I was a bit letdown that the band didn’t delve into any of Kingdom Of Rust’s second half. Spellbound and Compulsion in particular would have been welcome, especially considering some of the other new songs didn’t quite hit the highs they do on the record (I’m looking at you, The Outsiders). Having said that, Kingdom of Rust was absolutely fantastic. Delivered with passion by the band, it was greeted by the crowd as if it was an old classic.

The main set ended with one of my favourite Doves tracks (still after all these years), The Cedar Room. The band then left the stage before returning for a pretty spectacular encore. They started with Lost Souls‘ moody instrumental Firesuite (!!!) before Andy stepped out from behind the drums to deliver Here It Comes. The show then ended with a couple songs from The Last Broadcast culminating in another anthemic, percussive performance of There Goes The Fear. How can you not love that song?

Was it a spectacular gig? Nope. But it was certainly enjoyable. Which, come to think about it, is pretty much what I think about Doves.

To read the full review and see the reviewer’s pictures, click here.

Sydney Metro Second Night setlist

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

Sydney #1 Review

A fairly positive review from the Sydney Morning Herald of the first Sydney show.

The undisputed star of the show, however, is Jimi Goodwin. He spends most of his time on bass and lead vocals but before the end makes effective cameos on drums and a nylon-stringed classical guitar. Notably, he knows his way around a good groove –a remnant of Doves’ past as dance-pop one-hit wonders Sub Sub –giving yet another appealing dimension to the music.

It’s a predictably structured set, with the newer material generally at the front. While there is much to admire in the band’s continued growth, these songs are not without some stodginess.

As if to show them up, late appearances from classic oldies The Cedar Room, with its mid-tempo grind, the slinky Here It Comes and There Goes the Fear, which evolves from a shimmering guitar opening to a final percussion free-for-all, combine to provide a thrilling climax.

To read the full review, click here.

Sydney Metro Second Night Live

Doves are currently live on stage in Sydney for a second night at the Metro..

Posted on twitter by user @FauxPink

Latest heard on twitter (before I have to shoot off to work!!)..

zach_thom Cedar Room. Yes! @dovesmusicblog

Sounds like its going well then! More later on..

Sydney Metro First Night Pictures

Some pretty cool pictures of doves on stage at the Sydney Metro as found twitter. Click on the images for full size view.

By twitter user @SarahlClark

Doves performing Here It Comes. Picture by twitter user @johnmdoyle

By twitter user @melvynknipe who also had this to say “Amazing. No more words to express it. The Doves are the greatest”.

Melbourne Review

Picture by goattube

Here’s the goat review as printed at

Doves appeared in the darkness with the opening beats of Jetstream clambering out of the speakers. Jez William’s voice sung out the verses, but it was the song’s break, when brother Andy’s beating bass drum kicked in, that the band really made their presence known. Just as it is on the record, the opening track was a perfect intro, weaving Doves’ dark majesty into the room.

The gloominess turned to a bevy of brighter spotlights as Jimi Goodwin stepped up for lead vocals (and Jez took to dancing) on Snowden and then Winter Hill, which proved early that Doves deserve their reputation as a great live act –they were tight, energetic and more than a pleasure to watch. Old favourite Pounding was next, as the band began to “heavy” up their act, moving from the more subdued introductions to the real rock show. Being English, the inevitable cold weather quotes emerged; Jimi likening the chill outside to their summer and telling us how much he loves it. Did anyone agree? Not likely.

For the full review at fastlouder click here. To see more pictures & video from the show, visit goat’s own blog here.