Sydney #2 Review & Setlist

For more pictures of doves second night at the Sydney Metro, visit the fastlouder gallery here.

To show we are not completely biased, here is a not so glowing review of the second Sydney show.

I was a bit letdown that the band didn’t delve into any of Kingdom Of Rust’s second half. Spellbound and Compulsion in particular would have been welcome, especially considering some of the other new songs didn’t quite hit the highs they do on the record (I’m looking at you, The Outsiders). Having said that, Kingdom of Rust was absolutely fantastic. Delivered with passion by the band, it was greeted by the crowd as if it was an old classic.

The main set ended with one of my favourite Doves tracks (still after all these years), The Cedar Room. The band then left the stage before returning for a pretty spectacular encore. They started with Lost Souls‘ moody instrumental Firesuite (!!!) before Andy stepped out from behind the drums to deliver Here It Comes. The show then ended with a couple songs from The Last Broadcast culminating in another anthemic, percussive performance of There Goes The Fear. How can you not love that song?

Was it a spectacular gig? Nope. But it was certainly enjoyable. Which, come to think about it, is pretty much what I think about Doves.

To read the full review and see the reviewer’s pictures, click here.

Sydney Metro Second Night setlist

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

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