Doves at Bestival

Doves on stage. Picture found on twitter, taken by user @Geeklawyer

Doves Live On Stage

Doves live on stage at Bingley Music Festival. Picture posted on twitter by user @pureroon Click on image for full size.

Doves Live On Stage In Perth

Doves are currently on stage at the Capitol in Perth Australia. Here are a couple pictures from twitter.

From twitter user @stephenwalker78

From twitter user @mikeycunningham

Sydney Metro Second Night Live

Doves are currently live on stage in Sydney for a second night at the Metro..

Posted on twitter by user @FauxPink

Latest heard on twitter (before I have to shoot off to work!!)..

zach_thom Cedar Room. Yes! @dovesmusicblog

Sounds like its going well then! More later on..

Sydney Metro First Night Pictures

Some pretty cool pictures of doves on stage at the Sydney Metro as found twitter. Click on the images for full size view.

By twitter user @SarahlClark

Doves performing Here It Comes. Picture by twitter user @johnmdoyle

By twitter user @melvynknipe who also had this to say “Amazing. No more words to express it. The Doves are the greatest”.

Doves @ Splendour In The Grass

Earlier today, doves performed at the Splendour In The Grass festival in Byron Bay, Australia. Here’s some of the coverage from twitter & TripleJ.

Jimi spoke to tripleJ radio earlier. Some of it has been featured on a blog post “Doves Last Blogcast”.

Here’s a bit of the interview:

When did you get to Byron – any time off on this tour? What’s your impressions so far?

we landed in byron at about 1.00pm today straight from Japan so we haven’t had a chance to see this amazing town this time round ( but we were here in 2005 and had a few days off and had a great time)

To read the full interview, visit the last blogcast here.

For more of tripleJ’s coverage of Splendour In The Grass, including some pro shot pictures of doves set, head over to their festival homepage here.

Some pictures found on twitter..

Photo by Twitter user @MWhittingham

Photo by Twitter user @triplej

More as we have it.

Doves On Stage At Fuji Rock

What a beautiful setting for a festival..

Pictures by Twitter user @totoon

Picture taken by twitter user @shayash

As always, click the images for full view.

New York City Setlist

Picture by Juan, a friend of Twitter user Ellovater

Setlist: Thanks to dremartin for the encore info!

Winter hill
Almost Forgot Myself
Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black and White Town
Caught by the River

The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast

The fear
For an early review, check out Hope Gilmore’s review:

I was surprised by how nice the venue was, especially for being so far on the West Side of Manhattan. They showed videos throughout the whole show on a big screen behind them, it was more entertaining than some shows that just shine bright lights or show swirlies on a screen the whole time. They came out for an encore after perhaps 3 minutes of clapping. I’d guess the audience was about 2,000 people maybe, give or take a thousand, kidding…probably 2,000.

For the rest of the review, click here.

Doves Live On Stage in NYC

Awesome picture of doves on stage at Terminal 5 in New York City. Band are performing 10.03.

Picture by Twitter user twebeck

Click on the image for full size. Brilliant stuff!

Doves Live on Stage In Denver

Doves are playing in Denver right now as I type. They opened with Jetstream. Picture posted on twitter, by user Lyssajo