The Greatest Denier

Kingdom Of Rust Poll

Those of you who have followed the blog since last April may recall I set up a poll to find out your favourite track from Kingdom Of Rust. The poll ended January 1st..

With 730 unique votes, the winner is the title track Kingdom Of Rust by four votes! Closely followed by 10.03 & The Greatest Denier which were seperated by one vote. You can see the results in full below.

87 (11%)
Kingdom Of Rust
140 (19%)
The Outsiders
41 (5%)
Winter Hill
115 (15%)
136 (18%)
The Greatest Denier
135 (18%)
Birds Flew Backwards
17 (2%)
59 (8%)
100 (13%)
House Of Mirrors
42 (5%)
43 (5%)

Votes 730

The new poll once again on the right menu asks what is your favourite doves album. The poll will once again run til the end of the year.

A reminder, if you have not voted in the Your Favourite Doves Songs poll, then please do so. The poll will stay open indefinitely, but I shall post results as they stand once the best of album is released. So far over 1000 of you have voted! Thanks so much.

Brilliant Gmex Videos

The Greatest Denier

The Cedar Room – wow!

Both videos by board regular gibbo, probably the best fan taken video of the year, in fact some of the best I’ve ever seen of doves. Top job man! Do yourselfs a favour and click on the videos to view them in high quality. Watching this, makes me hope they make it back over to the US next year, or that I get to see them back in the UK. :)

Top marks to the band too. Jimi is on top form with the vocals! Brilliant stuff.

Absolute Radio Session

Pictured tweeted by @chrissalmon

As I reported earlier, doves performed a live session for Absolute Radio at the House of St Barnabas chapel. The performance was acoustic. Setlist info courtesy of Blue Skies & NLF on doves board.


Kingdom Of Rust
The Greatest Denier
The Fear (x2)
Just Like Christmas (Low Cover)

More over the weekend! Audio & hopefully some video on Tuesday night.

The One About Tights

Here’s a wee treat from T In The Park a few weeks back. The band (minus Andy) performing an acoustic version of The Greatest Denier for the BBC. More from T later in the week.

Great stuff!

Detroit Odds n’ Ends

I don’t think Annie Leibovitz is going to be giving me a call anytime soon, but here are a few pics of the Detroit show.

Anyways, a short review of the show.

After we had finished a meal at the Majestic’s in-house restaurant we found that the queue was already stretched down and around the block…a fantastic sign given there had been very little promotion for the show. The queue seemed to be made up mostly of expats but once the venue started filling up there seemed to be a good mix of Americans and expats. There were tickets still available at the box office but by the looks of the venue near show time The Majestic had either sold out or came very close to selling out.

The show began with a low rumble while footage of a jet lifting off lit the background. Doves took the stage and broke headlong into an urgent rendition of Jetstream. The band appeared to be enthusiastic playing Detroit and it translated to their music. While the crowd’s feedback was somewhat less racauous than Chicago they were just as interested in the music. This atmosphere set the tempo for the night except for a slight hiccup with Kingdom of Rust when Jimi became frustrated about a minute into the song and had the band start over again…much to the confusion of the audience. Despite the issue this did not slow down the band the rest of the night and the audience quickly got back into the show.

Detroit received big props from the band for their musical heritage and mentioned how much that heritage has influenced them. Jimi also drew parallels between Manchester and Detroit – both being industrial cities with a rich music scenes. This obviously drew loud cheers of approval from the audience.

The highlights of the show were The Outsiders, The Greatest Denier, Rise, and Here It Comes. There was a slight teaser when Jimi broke into a few bass chords of The Doors The End that segued into The Last Broadcast. Otherwise the setlist was the exact same as the previous night’s performance in Chicago.

In closing…after a weekend of roadtripping to Doves shows, how does your blogmaster Nicky celebrate/recover? With a massive breakfast from the Cracker Barrel of course! With all the jumping and screaming done over the course of 3 days only a hearty breakfast of grease and a large slab of meat could fill up the tank again.

I don’t think I’ve seen a man happier in my life.

By the way…just a quick intro but I’m Nicky’s other half, Lindsay and I may post on here on the odd occasion. I’ve been a fan since 2002 when Doves were featured on the ZooRadio playlist Larry Mullen Jr. posted on their website. The first time I heard Words I was left in awe…I had never heard anything like it in my life. I’ve followed them since and I first saw them live in Chicago back in 2005. I look forward to contributing to this blog in whatever capacity in the future.


Interview & Performance For MN Public Radio’s The Current

Minnesota Public RadioMinnesota Public Radio’s The Current have uploaded an interview and live performance from Jimi, Jez & Martin, recorded earlier today on Jimi’s birthday.

Click here, to listen to the broadcast.

Archive: 4music Favourites: Doves

Finally, here’s the long-awaited video of the show ‘4music Favourites: Doves’, which aired on Channel 4 in the U.K., nearly a week ago. The show contains brief interviews with the band and live performances of four songs.

4music Favourites

Click here to download the show.

The video is an Xvid-encoded MPEG4 AVI file which should be standalone-compatible with most new DVD or AV players which are equipped to play DivX files.

Kingdom of Rust EP

The Kingdom of Rust EP is now available to purchase at iTunes UK.


Kingdom of Rust
Kingdom of Rust (Acoustic Version)
The Greatest Denier