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Fan Photos Of Recent Shows

Doves Music Blog reader, Dalal, has posted two galleries of fantastic photos from the band’s recent shows in Anaheim and San Diego.

Andy & Jez onstage at House of Blues, Anaheim

You can view her galleries by visiting this link:

Twitter, MacAskill & Tosh

Having just listened to FM94/9 sonic big chill show. I just feel the need to set the record straight. The host Amanda hinted that our twitter page, could be one of those twitter’s, that pretends to be official, but is not. We have never claimed to be official, had Amanda read our bio, and followed the link, she would have seen it is run by us, a fan site. Anyhow, I just wanted to get that off my chest, the last thing I myself, or Justin wants is to mislead people into thinking we are trying to represent the band. We just post news/reviews and whatever we find online about the band and hope people find it helpful to have all that, in one place. Which we know you do. :)

So that’s that. Otherwise, great interview Amanda. Your show has some great music on it. Thanks to everybody who has been twittering setlists, pictures and what not, of the shows on the US tour so far. I was a bit worried we wouldn’t hear much. So its been great so far. Thank you! Keep it coming.

Danny MacAskill is the star of the next doves video, for which we believe will be Winter Hill. He has become a youtube sensation in recent times. Click here to read his story.

The Malaysia Star have given Kingdom Of Rust a rather lukewarm review:

However, Some Cities (2005) didn’t have quite the same impact on me, despite emulating its predecessor as a chart-topper. Even though the odd quality tune like Almost Forgot Myself, Someday Soon or Ambition was present, far too much of it felt like filler material. What was worse was that Doves seemed to be slowly losing their personality.

As for this latest in their oeuvre, I have to say that Kingdom of Rust leaves me lukewarm. In fact, the opening cut Jetstream creates the impression that this album will see Doves rediscover their dance roots especially as there are guest turns by Tom Rowlands of the Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack knob-twiddler Dan Austin. Even though that turns out to be misleading, the problem is that there is too much pedestrian upbeat rock and not enough of the trippy melancholy stuff they first came up with.

If that isn’t enough for you, click here to read the rest.

San Diego Photos

Stereogum have posted some fantastic photos from Doves’ recent performance at the San Diego House of Blues.

Jimi looking a tad demonic!

Click here to view the gallery.

Thanks to our Twitter follower, blureu for bringing this to our attention!

San Diego Setlist

Thanks to our readers, Jason and José, we can confirm the setlist of last night’s show at the House of Blues, San Diego:

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear Again

(Ninety minutes set).

San Diego Setlist

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Live on FM94/9 Tonight!

Doves will be co-hosting FM94/9’s big sonic chill tonight straight after the show at the House Of Blues, which is presented by FM94/9. You can listen to doves doing a spot of overtime live. Just visit the FM94/9 website, then hit listen live. The show starts at 9m, doves will obviously be on stage at that time. So expect doves anytime after 11pm or so.

EDIT: Jimi popped into the FM94/9 studio’s this afternoon for a brief chat. doves will be on the big sonic chill at midnight tonight! Damn, I hope that overtime rate of pay is good. ;)

Glastonbury News

As previously reported, doves will play the John Peel Tent at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Doves will headline on the Friday night (June 26th). There was talk of doves performing more than once at the festival. Will post if we hear any more on that.

Newcastle based caught up with Jimi, at the recent Newcastle show. Interesting, if a rather short interview. Once again, the talk is of a quicker follow up to Kingdom Of Rust:

Are you planning on returning to the barn after the tour?
Yeah, we want to make sure the next record’s out much faster because this one took over four fucking years. At the moment our mate Cherry Ghost is using it, if he hadn’t kicked us out we’d probably still be in there now. Ha ha. But yeah, his stuff’s sounding good. How he won a f****ing Ivor Novello and then got dropped is anyone’s guess.

To read the full interview, click here.

As well as providing support tonight in San Diego, Pop Noir will also be supporting tomorrow at the Anaheim show. doves management, have said that they were offered the support slot because of the link to Steve McGarry (The Pop Noir twins are Steve McGarry’s sons) and Rob Gretton. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Rob’s passing. RIP!

San Diego City Beat

The San Diego City beat have reviewed Kingdom Of Rust, they also give a mention to Thursday’s show at the House Of Blues, in their gigs section:

Kingdom of Rust

Goes well with: rain, heartbreak, a good buzz

The Manchester Brit-pop trio returns after a four-year hiatus. And while Jimi Goodwin and twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams didn’t spend the break dramatically changing their sound, the recently released Kingdom of Rust may be their best album yet.

Doves have always had a knack for churning out finely crafted, melancholy pop tunes alongside crowd-pleasing, anthemic sing-alongs. Their 2000 debut, Lost Souls, showcased the threesome’s seemingly effortless transition from house / dance producers Sub Sub to their current incarnation by implementing a perfect amount of electronic atmospherics into more organic rock tunes. Follow-ups The Last Broadcast and Some Cities cemented the band’s place in the upper echelon of pop pushers and never once dipped into the bowl of soft Coldplay cheese while doing so. Those two records were just less gloomy, which altered the formula slightly.

But Kingdom brings it back from partly cloudy to overcast, and it makes all the difference. From the meandering cool of “Compulsion” to the whip-cracking sharpness of “House of Mirrors,” there’s a nice variety to these storms. Even radio-ready nuggets “10:03″ and “The Outsiders” aren’t totally comfortable in their pop confines and fray at the edges

In The Clubs: Plan B

Doves @ House of Blues. Probably the best British band that you don’t listen to, Doves have released four excellent albums that approximate what Coldplay would sound like if they actually had balls. Plus, these guys have been around forever in one form or another, so they know their way around a melody.

Pop Noir for San Diego

Electro indie trio Pop Noir will be supporting doves at the San Diego House Of Blues show on Thursday night. Wild Light will be supporting, for the rest of the US & Canada dates, as previously reported.