Glastonbury News

As previously reported, doves will play the John Peel Tent at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Doves will headline on the Friday night (June 26th). There was talk of doves performing more than once at the festival. Will post if we hear any more on that.

Newcastle based caught up with Jimi, at the recent Newcastle show. Interesting, if a rather short interview. Once again, the talk is of a quicker follow up to Kingdom Of Rust:

Are you planning on returning to the barn after the tour?
Yeah, we want to make sure the next record’s out much faster because this one took over four fucking years. At the moment our mate Cherry Ghost is using it, if he hadn’t kicked us out we’d probably still be in there now. Ha ha. But yeah, his stuff’s sounding good. How he won a f****ing Ivor Novello and then got dropped is anyone’s guess.

To read the full interview, click here.

As well as providing support tonight in San Diego, Pop Noir will also be supporting tomorrow at the Anaheim show. doves management, have said that they were offered the support slot because of the link to Steve McGarry (The Pop Noir twins are Steve McGarry’s sons) and Rob Gretton. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Rob’s passing. RIP!

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