Aeroplane Brazil Remix Release Date

Winter Hill b-side Brazil has been given the remix treatment by Aeroplane. Promo CD-Rs have been sent out to DJs, along with a press sheet stating the track will be released digitally December 7th. More as I have it.

Winter Hill Single Now Available in Australia


The Winter Hill single is now available digitally in Australia. The following EPs are available for purchase at iTunes.

Winter Hill (Radio Mix)

1. Winter Hill (Radio Mix)
2. Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
3. Jetstream (Lindstrom Remix)

Winter Hill (Acoustic Version)

1. Winter Hill (Acoustic Version)
2. Jetstream (Sasha Remix)
3. Jetstream (Sasha Subdub)

The single will be available digitally in the UK on Monday. You can pre-order the 7″ single here, which features the exclusive track Brazil. The single will also be available digitally in North America on Tuesday.

You can pre-order the special remix 12″ releases at Piccadilly Records. These special 12″ vinyls should cost you around £5.49 each. Only 500 copies of these are being pressed, so get them before they go.

Jetstream –Sasha Remixes 12″ Vinyl HVN19212P1
Jetstream –Lindstrom / Time & Space Machine Remixes 12″ Vinyl HVN19212P2
Compulsion –Andrew Weatherall Remix 12″ Vinyl HVN19212P3

If that’s not enough for you. The Winter Hill video is now available to purchase at all good online stores.

Winter Hill Single Artwork

Cat #: HVN192

From Norman Records:

DOVES Winter Hill 2009 UK limited edition 2-track 7″ vinyl single – Known locally, ‘Winter Hill’ is a beauty spot between Chorley and Bolton in the West Pennine Moors. It’s famed for its UFO sightings, mining activity, aeroplane disasters and murders but to Doves it clearly means something altogether more magical and ethereal. Already a fan’s favourite, ‘Winter Hill’ ushers the listener in via a pop Reich repetition, all looped effects and soaring synths before morphing into what canonly be described as a love song. Furthermore, on the b-side, there’s a totally different change of pace with the Dylanesque ‘Brazil’, a new track that adds yet another dimension to Doves repertoire!.

Winter Hill is released July 20th. It is expected the download single will feature a host of Jetstream remixes.


Here’s a picture of the new promo that’s now doing the rounds on ebay. Its expected some of these remixes, if not all will be featured on the Winter Hill single, released July 20th.

You can check out the jackbeadle remix of Jetstream at his myspace page here. We like it!

DJ Sasha Remixes Doves

In a recent widely-syndicated interview, DJ Sasha has revealed that he has just “remixed the Doves single.”

No further information has been given to confirm if the single in question is the forthcoming ‘Winter Hill’ or a third single release from the Kingdom Of Rust album.

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