Whilst at the shows last week. It was great speaking to people who were seeing doves for the first time. I was asked a few times who the keyboard player is, so this new feature of the blog was born. Seasoned doves fans will know the keyboardist is none other than Martin Roman Rebelski. For those of you who don’t know much about doves unofficial fourth member. Check out our new section dedicated to Rebelski, who is a composer and recording artist in his own right.

Visit our Rebelski section here.

You can also check out Rebelski’s myspace page to listen to his music or visit his official website.

The Time And Space Machine Remix ‘Jetstream’

Producer Richard Norris (a.k.a. The Time And Space Machine) has posted a clip from his remix of Doves’ ‘Jetstream’ on his MySpace page:

His MySpace blog also claims that the song will be the third single released from the Kingdom Of Rust album.

The Time and Space Machine mix of Doves’ “Jetstream” is now up on the player. It is currently being promo’ed by Heavenly/Virgin.

“Jetstream” is set to become the third single from Doves album “Kingdom Of Rust”.

Listen To The FULL Album On MySpace

You can now listen to the full Kingdom Of Rust album on Doves’ MySpace page at

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