Brighton Setlist

Black and White Town
Sea Song
Last Broadcast
The Outsiders
Winter Hill
Kingdom of Rust
Caught By the River

The Cedar Room
The Fear

Once again, thanks to mancbob for the “rough” setlist! Folks from the USA, Canada & Australia have traveled over for the 3 gigs this weekend! You folks have fun!

Brighton & Hove News reviewed the gig:

It’s an explosive set, covering their career to date. Every song has the crowd singing –and Jimi (who seems to be suffering with his throat a bit –some spray helps), looks genuinely touched by the support. He seems really humbled by the crowd joining in with songs from over 10 years ago, like he can’t believe they still remember the words!

An amazing experience to have seen this cult band, at such a unique venue. I shall never forget it.

Read the full review here.