Jimi, Kendal Interview

Brighton photo

I’m told the Brighton setlist was the same as London, including Spaceface! The rain poured on Brighton this evening throughout the gig, so I will let the folks dry out before expecting to hear anything more back regarding the show.

Anyhow, thanks to Dan Hisgett for posting images of the Kendal Calling programme on the Doves fans facebook group, which includes a really fascinating interview with Jimi. Lots regarding new Doves material, which by all accounts in the media so far, we should expect something next year! Exciting times. Is it too much to expect something before the end of the year? An EP perhaps?! Here’s the interview, click on the images to read the interview.

Yes, Doves most certainly tore the roof off the Royal Albert Hall. As gigs go, that night will live long in the memory for anyone that was there!