Other Voices

Been an odd year this, didn’t expect a great deal to be happening around these parts to be honest. Though its been a bit busier than expected! Probably more so than had Doves been in the studio recording! Jimi has been kept busy in the public eye mainly thanks to 6 Music and the Bird Effect project. To think they almost shut down 6 Music too! Jimi said he hopes to put something out next Spring, seems rather soon! So we wont keep him to that, but definitely looking forward to hearing what he’s been up to besides the Bird Effect theme which is stunning btw! Hope we can purchase that on a CD or vinyl someday soon!

Jimi has another live performance lined up, this time in Dingle Ireland early December as part of the Other Voices Festival. Good luck getting a ticket, they are not easy to get! If you want to try then check out the Other Voices website for info on the various competitions! I’ve been told Jimi will some tracks himself then also some with Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost. They usually broadcast the Other Voices performances on RTE in Ireland, which inevitably ends up on youtube so will keep an eye on that!

Finally, if you are based in the US then have a great turkey day on Thursday. Eat lots and drink even more!

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