Echoes In The Alleyway Part Two?

First off, don’t forget to tune into Xfm on Monday night at 8pm to hear Jimi on the new Mary Anne Hobbs show. Jimi had done a guest mix for the show and will be in the studio for a chat also.

It is hard to believe Echoes in the Alleyway is almost a year old! We will be marking the one year anniversary, more on that very soon!

There is talk of maybe doing another project for a 2013 release! but could do with some other peoples thoughts.

The timing of the project last year couldn’t have been better with the Doves best of out, it coincided with Doves ‘last gig for awhile’ among other things. I borrowed the idea (after it was suggested to me) from another artist website, who does this every year! Not sure how he does it, the work that goes into it is mega. You have no idea how much I appreciated the help I got from those of you who contributed to the project.

Should we do it again? If so what could be better..

what could be done different?
What didn’t you like?
Was 2CDs worth of tracks too much?

The project will be very different than the original Echoes release, but with the same objective of raising even more money for charity.

What are your thoughts? Got any suggestions? We want to hear from you, even if its just to say don’t do it again or to show your support! There is a thread on the official doves forum here. If you are not a member   then you can comment on this post or email me at

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