Lauren Laverne 6 Music Session

Jimi & Martin played a couple of tunes this morning for 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne. Jimi again spoke about the hiatus Doves will be taking after touring the Best Of. Asked of his own plans, Jimi hoped to be able to do some collaborating, naming Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis as the top pick if it was possible! Good luck with that one. :)

They performed acoustic versions of The Cedar Room & Kingdom Of Rust.

To hear the interview/live tunes. It all starts off at 1 hour 25 mins at the BBC iplayer here. Also available to folks outside the UK.
My take on the “hiatus”? Its gotta be good news, if it means Doves do return in a few years down the line sounding better than ever. To put it in context.. it was almost three years between the last Some Cities gig I saw and the Kingdom Of Rust shows last May. Didn’t expect much from them this year, so the tour/summer of festivals has been a Brucey bonus. Fully intend on enjoying the tour in a few weeks. So no tears at the front from this blogger, just a hand of appreciation.

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