Tunes Of The Decade: #28 Pounding

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Back to the song itself and ‘Pounding’ is a track so good it is embarrassing. Yes it’s simplistic in its chord progression and arrangement, but it’s effective. Yes, it’s deliberately anthemic and hook-filled, but it really does make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you can’t help but sing along. Yes, it owes more than a little of its origin to erstwhile Mancunian sing-along-an-anthem ‘I Am The Resurrection’ in the strict, unerring 4/4 drum beat and euphoric chorus that provides the sonic and emotional pinnacle for the melody, but ‘Doves’ takes this previous musical generation’s masterpiece and use it in a forward-facing, progressive way. The emotion is not “oh, remember this tune from the good old days” it’s “right, let’s take this musical heritage we’re so blessed with and use it to create something new –something that’s ours.” This rallying cry is expressed overtly in the lyrics as Goodwin almost pleads with the country’s aspiring musicians:

We so down, but it’s now or never baby
We don’t mind, If this don’t last forever
See the light, But it won’t last forever
Seize the time, Cause it’s now or never baby.

To read the full, rather long winded at times article, click here.

Coming soon will be a poll soon you can vote for your favourite doves songs from the entire back catalog, that will run through til the greatest hits album is put out.

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