Øyafestivalen Review

Jez on stage at Øya

Came across a review of doves Øyafest set, in Norwegian. So if you can read Norwegian then head over to read the review here.

For those of us who need google translate, the jist of it seems to be that the band had troubles early in the set, due to the loudness of a act on another stage? But they still managed to please the crowd with the likes of Jetstream, Kingdom Of Rust, 10.03 and The Outsiders from the new album, as well as classics like Pounding & The Fear. Apologies if it was me who got the jist of it wrong! Google translate wasn’t so clear.

If any of you great folks from Norway attended the show and would like to submit a review (in Norwegian is fine) please email us. Would be happy to put it up for our Norwegian readers.

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