Øyafest Round-Up

Doves on Stage at Øya. Photo by Anders Arntsen

Thanks to Jon Zeigler for letting me know about these two reviews of doves set at Øyafest. – Doves in the sunset (5/6 stars)

The jist of the review in English thanks to Jon:

The reviewer says exactly what I was thinking as I stood there, about how the scenery suited the band and the music perfectly. Sunset, tower cranes with birds
flying around them, beautiful sky, a flock of birds in V-formation passing over the stage, the white opera house in the background etc. The guys on stage were also quite aware of the scenery. Jez was often looking up towards the sky or towards the cranes. I noticed the birds in formation because Jez was following them with his eyes until they passed over the stage behind him. At one point Jimi lifted his sunglasses and said “It’s looking good, man! – “Manchester band Doves delivered the goods (met the expectations) at Øya”
5/6 stars

Ok I did not get the jist of that Side2 review I posted on Saturday. Jon has very kindly transcribed the review in full:

Keep the band, fire the sound guy. That’s one way of summing up Doves gig at Øya.

“The Manchester-band Doves has in many peoples eyes (including yours truly) given the world one of the best albums so far this year. With three other
albums of similar quality under their belt, it just had to be a success when the seasoned gentlemen arrived at Øyafestivalen Friday night?

Unfortunately, the sound guy had other plans.

First half of the show was basically ruined by bad drum- and guitar sound. After three songs, frontman Jimi Goodwin was made aware of the
guitar trouble by a frustrated, but helpful audience.

Because after all, we were there to experience fantastic versions of “Jetstream”, “10:03” and good old “Pounding”. But even though the guys had
included the best songs from their “new classic” ‘Kingdom of Rust’ in the set list (plus some older snacks), there was still something unredeemed(?)
and murky(?) about the whole thing.

However, from the driving rock song “The outsiders” to the closing with Doves’ eminent signature-song “There goes the fear”, everything works the way
it’s supposed to. Then, when you hear how fantastic the trio sounds, it’s extra upsetting/bitter(?) to think about the embarrassing sound problems in
the first half of the concert with one of the worlds best guitar bands

-So please come back anytime guys – but fire the sound guy. That’s an order!”

Jon also added his own thoughts on the set:

I stood in front, close to the speakers and didn’t really notice anything wrong (except for Jez breaking a string and occasionally signaling to the sound guys to turn something up or down.) but at one point someone in
the back shouted “turn up the guitar”, so it’s obvious that there were some sound problems. Also some minor problems with Jimis bass, but that was quickly taken care of. At the start of the show, several people shouted out requests for “Catch the sun” (and others), but Jimi, although appreciating the requests said something like “We’re not quite there yet”, (as in “we’re not the kind of band that takes requests”?). He also mentioned at least twice that Andy was getting married next Sunday, and that he was going to sing in the wedding. He commented that Andy had “been with her for 15 years, so it was about time he did the right thing”. Anyway, this was my first Doves gig, and I think they did a great job.

Thanks so much to John for the above links and taking the time writing the translation. Also thanks to Vivi for letting me know about the Side2 review at the weekend. Without you guys, I would have nothing to report from Øyafest! I’ve had so much great feedback for the blog since setting it up in Febuary, but without the help of you guys – the readers, sending me links to reviews/pictures/setlists etc the blog would be nothing. Cheers!

Doves now take a wee break from live performances for a few weeks. Next up will be Bingley first weekend in September. The blog shall remain active as always posting news as I get it. I will also put up a few goodies later in the week from the US tour.

Øyafest: The Last Honest Rock ´N ´Roll-Band

Jimi on stage at Oya

Thanks to Vivi Stenberg for submitting this to us, and for the translation! The latest review of doves Øyafest set gives them a 6 out of 6 rating, with the headline, stating they are the last honest rock band!

Det siste ærlige rockebandet

Det er mulig Ã¥ forestille seg annet og bedre U2, ukorrumpert av gigantoman livsstil, desperat posisjonering og sin egen kronglete vei mot middelmÃ¥digheten, og uten Bono brautende bak mikrofonstativet. Manchester-kvartetten Doves, som har lagd lyd i et drøyt tiÃ¥r uten at kloden har endret bane av den grunn, høres ut som dette bandet. FÃ¥ grupper utforsker balansen mellom raffinement og et bankende hjerte med like givende resultat, og idet skyene ruller innover Sjøsiden under “10:03″ er det Ã¥penbart at dette blir en sjelfull seanse.

To read the full review in Norwegian, click here.

Øyafestivalen Review

Jez on stage at Øya

Came across a review of doves Øyafest set, in Norwegian. So if you can read Norwegian then head over to read the review here.

For those of us who need google translate, the jist of it seems to be that the band had troubles early in the set, due to the loudness of a act on another stage? But they still managed to please the crowd with the likes of Jetstream, Kingdom Of Rust, 10.03 and The Outsiders from the new album, as well as classics like Pounding & The Fear. Apologies if it was me who got the jist of it wrong! Google translate wasn’t so clear.

If any of you great folks from Norway attended the show and would like to submit a review (in Norwegian is fine) please email us. Would be happy to put it up for our Norwegian readers.

Electric Proms

Jimi chatted to Steve Lamacq backstage at Oyafest today and hinted the band would be playing this year’s Electric Proms, which usually takes place towards the end of October. Last year there were shows in Liverpool, as well as London.

More as we have it!

More importantly though, Jimi also made public the news that Andy is getting married on Saturday. All the very best to you Andy and the family! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Perth Setlist

Here is the setlist from last night’s show in Perth Australia.


Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black and White Town
The Outsiders
The Cedar Room

Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

Visit perthquake for a short review of the Perth show. So that’s it from Australia, unless we come across any more reviews (feel free to let us know about any you find). Next stop for doves is Norway in a couple weeks. Anyone going?

Doves To Play Øyafestivalen

The official website of Oslo’s annual Øyafestivalen, has stated that Doves will be playing the Norwegian music festival on Friday, August 14th 2009.

For further information, click here.