Delamere Forest Review

Thanks to Rick for sending us his review of the Delamere Forest show:

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesuc chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrist! How good was that??
The settings the ambiance the politeness of all we engaged verbally or by glance….. the youngsters in attendance , 1 yr olds 2 yr olds 3yrs old all the way up to the 40 odd year olds. This was the crowd that mixed well listened well, enjoyed and appreciated what DOVES had to offer yesterday. It was the 3rd DOVES gig of the tour for me, Brixton, Bristol both shone but yesterday was special. Well worth the 350mile round trip from Cardiff. Cedar rooms…..well that was just sublime. Big thank you to all who were there, it was the crowd & settings that made the night for me (oh yeah and the band ……..who where well up for it and played a stormer).

Have to say the support were not my cup of tea but played well.

Jimi strode on stage and his first contact with the mic was

‘Hello you summer people’…………….this said it all really. I for one knew what to expect

The set list was much the same as previous 2 shows I have attended this tour but with the editions of cedar rooms and space face……….wow what a difference this made. A valid point to make is while I found it very hard to look away from the stage you felt yourself drawn to gaze at the sky’s and all around you just to take in the ‘special’ atmosphere that was being generated by the music & settings. It seemed I was not alone as I caught many people in the crowd doing the same, if I caught their eye I knew they were thinking the same thing as me and my companions. The tranquillity was mystical aura and the feeling of peace was flowing even if it was assisted by Stella artios and red wine. The music was a warm wave of emotions high and thumping at times as the bass kicked and pounded into your chest and clothes via the speakers (pounding was the main candidate for this, how fitting). Then the swirling, .swaying melody that was supplied via Snowden, ambition & CBR, then this wave would sweep you back into a frenzy of movement along with the high percentage of inebriated crowd. Excerlant.

The end was near and the first good night from the doves echoed with a rather sad ‘ its all over feeling’. Then the chants of more more……..promted the return and a full stage again then followed the opening haunting keyboads & chords and notes delayed for what seemed a lifetime before the simple dynamic 1-2-3-1 1-2-3 drum beats pieced the crowds screams. Its seemed to go silent…………….then the vocals were delivered with passion. The swaying started again. I have been waiting for this tune since Bath pavilion Dec 2005 and it was worth waiting for. My highlight from the whole day. More jumping and bouncing on the spot with last broadcast and even more with The fear, the samba routine signaled the end was upon us, gutted. But watching and empty stage fill up with frantic roadies, setting the mic stands in readiness and drums being tinkered with means only one thing for someone like me who plays in a band as well watching bands…………..the show is not over yet.

Space face gave most another chance to have jiggle. But that was it, by my timing DOVES came on stage around 21.15 and left for the last time around 23.05, that’s stella artios time mind. Butwhat was that mask all about???

Then the dark walk back to the train station where over heard conversations & laughter all echoed ‘our lots’ feelings………….that gig was special a true tick in ones diary and as my bands motto is ‘MUSIC IT’S A DIARY OF LIFE’ this event truly lived up to it. Class.

Did notice lots of video camera action, let’s hope it’s an official DVD, it’s been a while since the Eden compilation.

Here’s hoping for a mini UK tour after all the festivals are done much the same as 2005. Just can’t get enough of this at the moment. So if anyone can assist in this…….come back to Cardiff there will be a warm welcome for DOVES as always.

Fantastic stuff. If you want to send us your review of the show, do so at the email address on the right. We will put it up. That also goes for any of the shows doves do this summer.

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