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Doves have revealed that the making of their new album was almost like “therapy”.

The group, who release their fourth album ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ today (April 6), said it helped them get through some dark times.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM lead singer Jimi Goodwin said: “Going to work was helpful and therapy sometimes to get through some not so good times in some of our lives.”

The band also admitted writing tracks for the record wasn’t always easy.

Goodwin admitted: “This one [album] just took a bit longer to understand what we were trying to achieve after being in a band together for 18, 19 years.”

He continued: “I mean none of us have fallen out, we still get on really well it’s just we just had to make sure the chemistry was still there between us, and it was, but it just took a bit of prising out and wrestling with a bit more this time.”

To view the interview, click here.

Incidentally, NME TV’s Weekly Agenda feature advises its viewers to purchase the album – and the hosts state that they will have live footage of Doves on soon. You can view the video by visiting this link.

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