Update From Andy

Andy has written a wee update, you can check it out at the official website.

New/Old? Andy Interview

Andy being interviewed by – Just posted to the site today. Andy chats about album tracklistings, the Manchester scene & doves luck.

More Live Photos!

Member of the official Doves messageboard, DevelopingStory, has posted a fabulous gallery of photos on Flickr, from the band’s appearance in Chicago at the weekend.

Andy in Chicago

Click here, to see the full set.

Also, Music Blogs, The Color Awesome and Brooklyn Vegan have some fantastic pictures of the band’s recent performance at Sasquatch. Click here, to view The Color Awesome’s gallery and here, to view Brooklyn Vegan’s article.

Andy Talks Freely

Whilst on the road in Seattle, Doves drummer Andy Williams gave a phone interview to the Detroit Free Press, and had great things to say about the band’s U.S. fanbase…

Detroit Free Press

“We get reviews saying ‘This band should be much bigger than it is. They should be playing stadiums,’ ” Williams says. “But the people who get this band really get it.”

“We’ve had people flying in from New York, and others trailing us down the West Coast, spending a lot of money and travel time to follow the band around. To have people willing to do that, especially in this economy, makes us feel incredibly lucky.”

To read the full interview, click here.

Andy Talks With LA2DAY

Andy recently spoke with L.A.-based lifestyle magazine, LA2DAY, whom have published a very short interview on their site, here.


“We feel like we’re playing our best right now,” Andy explained. The band’s live experience features arrangements of classic songs, like the closer, “Caught By The River,” which is a real treat for the true fans. “That’s half the fun of it,” Andy continued. “You don’t wanna hear exactly how it is on record, you wanna hear a live version of it.”

The Colorado Daily Interviews Andy

Doves drummer Andy Williams has given a short interview to Wendy Kale of The Colorado Daily

“We do have a theme to the record — it’s all about travel,” Williams said. “The songs could be about travel on the road or personal journeys.

“We just paint the picture with the lyrics. We want to give a mood, and then let people imagine their own story when they listen to this record. The imagination is a powerful thing.”

To read the full interview, click here.

Andy In Rhythm

The latest issue of the U.K.’s Rhythm magazine (with Zak Starkey on the cover) features an exclusive interview with Andy Williams.

Rhythm Magazine, June 2009 The magazine for drummers is widely available through WHSmith and most large newsagents. To subscribe to future editions, click here.

Archive: BBC Radio One, Session Obsession

We still have more live recordings from the past month to bring you, but as a change of pace, here’s Andy discussing the records which influenced him, with BBC Radio One’s Session Obsession. I’m unsure of the original broadcast date, but I’m guessing it was just after the release of The Last Broadcast.

Click here to download the archived MP3.

Please note that the MP3 file is of low-quality, due to it being transcoded from its original lossy source.

Andy Promises Exciting Tour Visuals

In an interview with The Birmingham Mail, Andy has briefly discussed the staging of Doves’ forthcoming tour.


“Because the venues on this tour are a bit bigger we are working out another couple of songs and features.

“We are doing this new intro film which sounds very exciting but I can’t really tell you any more than that.

“I hope it’s good now I’ve built it up.”

To read the full article, visit this link.

Kingdom Of Rust – In Their Own Words

The NME have put up a video of Jimi & Andy talking about the album track by track. It’s a great watch. Click here to view the video.