Out March 30th via Heavenly Recordings February 17, 2009

Doves return after a 4-year hiatus with the release of their 4th long-player ‘Kingdom Of Rust‘ on April 6th this is preceded by the album’s title track making it’s way out into the world on March 30th. So after 4 whole years in the wilderness and the continued upheaval of the musical landscape how does Doves return measure up to not only to their previous work but also to the established sounds of 2009.

Kingdom Of Rust‘ shuffles in with an almost skiffle beat that is gradually layered upon with a constant driving rhythm and Jimi Goodwin’s recognisable dulcet tones and Doves trademark melange of background noises and barely audible sound effects all throw in. “I long to feel some beauty in my heart/As I go searching right to the start” is the message conjuring up lyrics of longing and searching for something inside yourself (played out wonderfully in the video), I’ve never found Doves lyrics to be the clearest in sentiment but ‘Kingdom Of Rust‘ seems quite self-explanatory.

The track continues to ebb and flow much like previous effort ‘There Goes The Fear’ as you are carried along in it’s beautific melodies and soaring plains of guitar’s and xylophones with Jimi imploring “My girl seeks and ocean of trust/In the kingdom of rust“. Their’s always an air of melancholy in Doves songs I guess mainly from a lyrical poing and their delivery, but still they have this overwhelming feeling of happiness conjured up in the sounds created.

It’s a welcome return from Doves and continues there consistent ascent from album to album, maintaining a familiarity whilst continuing to deliver a fresh approach, they’ve returned at a time where their mates Elbow have picked up the Mercury award and garnered well deserved praise for their latest effort. Doves fit the same bill and hopefully can ride the crest of the wave started in 2008 by Elbow into 2009.

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