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Memories Of The Barras

The Glasgow Barrowland celebrates 75 years as being one of the finest venues anywhere. Having been to some of the best venues around the world, it still does not get better than the sticky floor at the barras for me. Jimi has his say in the Sun..

Doves bassist JIMI GOODWIN said: “When we first played it I was thrilled because I used to stand outside doing bootleg T-shirts when I was 17.

“I love the fact that it hasn’t been cleaned since 1940.”

As I have mentioned before, the best doves show I ever saw was at the Barras in May 2002. Listen to the show here. Check out the intro to Caught By The River to hear a rather merry Jimi tell the crowd he saw Public Enemy at the Barras and he was the guy you bought tickets from outside! Hilarious.

Happy Birthday Barrowland! Cheers for the memories.

Doves Almost Never Flew

Doves spoke to the Sun about the upcoming headline set at Glastonbury. Its an interesting watch, with Jimi admitting the band almost called it a day after their debut performance at Glastonbury back in 1998.

After a shambolic appearance at Glastonbury in 1998, the boys nearly split up following their first festival.

Frontman JIMI GOODWIN said: “We came home with the worst hangover and we just got the horrors.

“We had a meeting in the pub… It was ridiculous.

“We’d not even put out our first single and after all the hardship of SUB SUB (their former band) and all of the ups and downs, we come home from Glastonbury with a bit of a hangover and decide before we’ve even put anything out to split up!”

To see the the full article, and watch the video of the interview click here.


Doves are featured in today’s Sun newspaper. A nice article. Check it out..

We questioned if we were any good… if we could still do it

Independent music website Flashlight have reviewed the Kingdom Of Rust album. A positive honest review:

Flashlight – Kingdom Of Rust


Ticketmaster are saying tickets for the US tour will go on sale March 13th, that’s Friday 13th! :) Tickets priced at .50. I suggest you keep tabs on for any presale info.

doves are featured in today’s Sun Newspaper. Click HERE to see the article.