Vancouver Review

More straight talking from the Vancouver press. This time its a very positive review of the Commodore Ballroom show:

Since this was my first chance to experience the boys live, it was all new and shiny to me, so I can only assume they left “Catch the Sun” off the set list for a good reason—in fact, 2000’s Lost Souls was largely ignored—but among the new material was a reliable sprinkling of the old barnburners like “Black and White Town” and the most appropriately monikered “Pounding”. Doves’ signature sound has always had that unique ability to sound both melancholic and uplifting at the same time, and on this particular night the sound mix at the Commodore brought out the best of both—the soaring guitars on “Words” and new favourite “Kingdom of Rust” sounded good enough to lift me straight up to a heaven I don’t believe in.

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Jimi’s Straight-Talking

Jimi has recently been interviewed by Vanvouver-centric lifestyle website,, ahead of Doves’ Canadian shows.

‘Kingdom of Rust’, those opening images, like the cooling towers and stuff, it reminds me of an industry that’s gone, and nature’s reclaimed it,” he says of the album’s title track. “You know, when you get those sites or derelict yards and things, and nature’s taken over because it’s been abandoned. Nature will reclaim what is rightfully its.”

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