Thanks to twitter user @ArmandoValle for letting me know that Kingdom Of Rust is featured in the movie Zombieland. Dead cool!

Movie Soundtrack Next?

Gigwise recently conducted an interview with Jimi, who once again talks about the band’s desire to score a movie soundtrack.

“We need to shake things up by doing something…I don’t know what it’ll be,” he said.

“Scoring a film. We’re always saying that and no one seems to pick up on it, but we’d fucking love to score a film.”

When asked about their reasons for wanting to write a soundtrack, Goodwin replied: “We just always have.

“Hopefully you can hear it in your music. Everything is very filmic and we’ve often sampled many of the TV cop films of old.

“We’ve been doing that since we were in [former band] Sub Sub.”

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As expected, tickets for the Electric Proms performance have sold out. Hope you all got the tickets you wanted.

Doves Featured On Movie Soundtrack

New movie ‘500 Days Of Summer’ features the classic Doves track, ‘There Goes The Fear’, amongst other tracks by the likes of Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths and Feist.

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For further information about the soundtrack and movie, visit the official site, here.