Jez – Under Fire In Montreal

cornershopstudios recently caught up with Jez, before the show in Montreal.

Question: Deciduous or Evergreen?
Answer: Evergreen. Because it’s fresh and invigorating.

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Montreal Review

Friend of the blog Genevieve, sent us in her review of the Montreal show. A Lovely review, considering English is not her first language.


First of all, to be honest with you, this night I was supposed to see 1990s instead of Doves. But since the Glasgow-based band cancelled their whole North America tour at the very last minute for “unforeseen (sp?) reasons” and as Doves were playing on the very same night, I decided to go. But, don’t worry, it wasn’t a torture for me as I really love this great band from Manchester since about 8 years and I’ve already experienced them live in 2002, so I was very excited to see them again!

The support band, Wild Light, was already onstage when I arrived at the venue. I looked at them without paying any attention. I couldn’t give them a music style. Indie? Rock? I don’t know..they were good but, not really my cup of tea (sorry!).

At around 45 minutes past 10, Andy, Jez and Jimi hit the stage of the boiling National (because in fact, it was boiling inside the venue). They started with the astonishing Jetstream to the pleasure of the crowd. Many people, including myself, were singing along. Then they played Snowden, Winter, Rise, Pounding (really at this very moment, I jumped like nuts as this song is obviously my favourite Doves’ song), Words, 10:03, Kingdom Of Rust and Caught By The River was another beautiful moment of the concert. This song is powerful, especially in concert. Then the band left the stage but came back about 5 minutes for an encore and what an encore! They played four tracks: Firesuite, Here It Comes (it’s always great to see Jimi and Andy switching positions for this song), The Last Broadcast and There Goes The Fear. This song is always good live because at the end, I can’t resist to the fact of dancing as I was the Rio Carnival, hehe!

But I was a tiny bit disappointed they didn’t play Catch The Sun and The Man Who Told Everything though. But, hey! They need to choose between so many songs so, I forgive them! The concert was amazing!

What a great night it was! Doves is a magical band! Jez, Andy and Jimi are all talented and experienced musicians.

Cheers lads and come back in Montreal soon!

Genevieve, June 7, 2009

Thanks Genevieve!

More Montreal Photos

Jez on stage at Le NationalDoves fan, Genevieve Grenier, has uploaded some great photos of Doves’ recent performance at Montreal’s Le National.

Click here to see the full gallery.

Many thanks to Genevieve for taking the time to share these pictures!

Montreal Photos

Photo by agdfairplay

To see more photos from the Montreal show and find out about the special guest who appeared onstage, click here.

Montreal Setlist

As posted by Trickster_qc, at doves board:

Winter hill
Almost Forgot Myself
Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black and White Town
Caught by the River

Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast

The fear