Metro Trinity

Metro Trinity were a short lived Manchester based indie band that included Jon Male, later of Soul Family Sensation and Republica fame. Drummer Colin Rocks, bass player Tim Whiteley and young guitarist & backing vocals come from our very own Jez Williams.

The Die Young EP was released on the group’s own Cafeteria label, released early 1987. Michael Fury was inspired by James Joyce’s short story The Dead.

Metro Trinity only other release came on a split flexi with the Inspiral Carpets on Dave Haslam’s Debris fanzine. Which featured the track “Stupid Friends”.

Andy Williams joined the band later on, but does not feature on this EP. The band split up shortly after.

The track “Spend My Whole Life Loving You” later appeared on the great Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol 1 compilation. Well worth checking out, if you enjoy the c86 jangly guitar stuff of the mid to late 80s.