manchester district music archive

Doves Live at Maine Road Video

An edited video of Doves performing at Maine Road, just after the last ever game back in 2003. The video was used on football focus, on which Jimi & Andy appeared on last week. Filmed by Matthew Norman of Figfilm & the Manchester District Music Archive.

Very cool video, check out the guy in the white tshirt at the end cacking himself when the firework goes off! Great footage. Only ever saw footage of this briefly on Sky Sports News back in the day.

Blast From The Past: The Risk

I mentioned the other day Joe Roberts & Jimi’s first band the Risk. So its perfect timing that an article about them has been uploaded to the Manchester District Music Archive.

To read the article about Jimi’s first band from the Acrylic Daze fanzine and see an early photo, visit the MDMA page here.

So the big question.. has anyone got the demo tape? :)