Absolute Radio Session Correction

The live session which was previously advertised on Absolute Radio for tonight, is now tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7pm.

Absolute Radio Session

Pictured tweeted by @chrissalmon

As I reported earlier, doves performed a live session for Absolute Radio at the House of St Barnabas chapel. The performance was acoustic. Setlist info courtesy of Blue Skies & NLF on doves board.


Kingdom Of Rust
The Greatest Denier
The Fear (x2)
Just Like Christmas (Low Cover)

More over the weekend! Audio & hopefully some video on Tuesday night.

Absolute Radio Session

Pictured tweeted by Absolute Radio presenter @DaveGorman

Live Absolute Radio Session from the House of St Barnabas chapel. Session to air Tuesday night. More as I have it.

Electric Proms Video & Audio

doves at Electric Proms. Picture by the BBC.

You can now watch video of doves Electric Proms performance at the BBC. The video is UK only, click here to watch.

Audio is also available to stream at the 6 music website here. This is good for anyone, anywhere in the world!

For even more top notch pictures, visut the BBC doves gallery here.

Lots more reaction to come.

Live From Abbey Road

Doves recently recorded a live session at Abbey Road. The session will be aired on Channel Four as part of the Live From Abbey Road TV series. Doves appear alongside Noisettes and Lyle Lovett to be aired November 7th.

Doves Live On Stage

Doves live on stage at the Forum in Hatfield. Picture taken by twitter user @Leonormsilva

Electric Proms BBC Coverage

The London Bulgarian Choir

If you were not lucky enough to get tickets, the BBC have confirmed they will be airing doves performance at Electric Proms with the London Bulgarian Choir on 6 Music.

Also performing on the night with doves will be Baluji Shrivastav, who played on the Kingdom Of Rust track Birds Flew Backwards.

Looking forward to hearing a new twist on the songs. You can imagine tracks such as Shadows Of Salford, Spellbound, The Sulphur Man & Satellites sounding great live with a choir. Not so easy to imagine tracks like Pounding with a choir. Should be a great night.

Jersey Live Video

The Jersey Live Festival have just uploaded a video of the band performing Black And White Town on the main stage. Its pretty good stuff, well worth a look..

White Air Festival

Doves take to the stage at White Air last night

Reaction from the show by twitter user @danielm72

doves fucking rocked but no space face though

@dovesmusicblog started with Jetstream, played several tracks from Kingdon of Rust. Black % White Town. Finished with There goes the fear

@dovesmusicblogI haven’t seen doves for a while & was blown away,as were the crowd. Jimi made mention of how ‘Up for it’ the crowd was .

@dovesmusicblog the atmosphere was electric, and the band were brilliant. Best band in this country, and have been for a long time!

Cheers! If you want to submit a review/photos etc drop me a line at the usual address. I believe that was doves last outdoor UK festival appearance for the year.

How’s Kingdom Of Rust been holding up for you? I gave it a rest for a few months there. Been listening to tons of Kraftwerk of late (readying for The Catalogue.. yes please Santa!) went back to KOR yesterday.. Brilliant stuff, hasn’t left my CD player. Its early days yet, but the signs are good. I was not the biggest fan of Some Cities back in 05, it wasn’t til around late 2007 that I really got it. So we’ll have to wait and see.

Check out the Kingdom Of Rust poll on the right, which is just a couple votes away from 1000! Surprised The Outsiders isn’t up there with 10.03/Winter Hill. The poll is open til the end of the year.

If you are eagerly awaiting the new Cherry Ghost album like myself, check out this video taken at the recent London Borderline gig. The video features a medley of old & new songs. The first track is called Black Fang, quality stuff eh?

1998 Hop & Grape Show on 6 Music Tonight

Tune into the Gideon Coe show tonight at 9pm to hear a early live doves performance taped at the Manchester Hop & Grape September 1998. Blues Tune was performed at this show, and has previously been broadcast on 6 Music. So maybe another chance to hear this rare track that never made it onto Lost Souls.

Then on Saturday from midday, a 6 Music listener tells Liz Kershaw why Lost Souls still blows their mind in All Killer No Filler.